Monday, June 15, 2009

Up, up & Away

I promised to write the reason why the youngest DD will be away for Father's Day.
She was one of 90 students chosen from 500 across the nation to participate in a two week, all expense paid science/space exhibition. Her group consists of 8 students from across the USA to attend their particular exhibition.
She has been preparing and anticipating this trip for months.
A lot of firsts for this young lady, her first flight, her first time anywhere west of Arkansas/Tenn, her first time away from family.
Here she is, pasting a "have-to" grin for her mother at 5:45 am in the airport. We departed at 3:00am in order to be there two hours in advance. Good thing. We have never been to the airport so it was quite confusing for us. Add in the husband who does not (or better yet, refuses) to "ask" directions and it only gets worse (eyeroll). Her flight was at 7:15 am. We arrived in the terminal at 5:30 am. Thank goodness she had all of the necessary paperwork in hand. Security was a nightmare with very lo-o-ong lines.

We watched and waited for her to get through security. Apparently we missed her going through the line. This Appalachian mama had a meltdown. Husband was very patient and insisted she would call if there was a problem. I knew she turned off her cell phone as she is very adamant about following rules. At 6:40 am my phone rang. She called to say that she could have the phone on before boarding but she would promptly turn it off after she boarded. She barely made it in time for boarding due to the security check lines. Thank goodness we didn't listen to those who advised to only allow an hour at the airport. She would have definitely missed her flight if we followed that advice. My heart skipped a few beats as I watched her plane on take off. She landed safe and sound many hours later and she LOVED it! Unlike her mother who has only flown once and hated every minute of it.

As John Denver sang, ".....mountain mama, take me home, country road." This mountain mama was glad to head home.

I took some stress-free knitting along. Tiger socks in progress. It's my new car knitting project.


Channon said...

Misty again... I hope she loves Arizona as much as I did - do. You must be so proud! Now, practice being empty nesters... minus the 4-legged kids. Trust me, you don't want them to leave. It's very upsetting when they do.

Anita said...

What an event! At least in your eyes! LOL How great for the DD, and I love to fly. :)

You are entitled to a meltdown every now & then.

Bubblesknits said...

How exciting! The hubby is really impressed. Science/chemistry are his faves.

As for flying, I'm glad she liked it. I'm like you...can't stand it. ::shudder::