Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Enough is Enough!

There's a reason why I don't live in a rain forest. It is raining......again. It is cold with the thermometer reading 60 F. It's June 17th and I'm sitting here in jeans and a sweater, socks on my feet and the windows closed. This is ridiculous!
The animals are coming 2 x 2. I've seen 2 chipmunks, 2 mourning doves, rabbits (okay there's more than 2 of them, no surprise there :) and 2 deer. Obviously our front yard is a new deer crossing. I've seen the deer several times in our front yard and by the time I grab the camera and turn it on, they're gone.
Speaking of the deer. Our eldest DD and her hubby were driving when a deer jumped a guardrail and landed on their car. Thankfully they were not injured. Not so with the deer. Everything under the hood of their car except the engine was totaled along with the passenger door. A few more inches and it would've hit the passenger side of the car (where the daughter was sitting).
Husband called this morning and guess what? He hit a deer on his way to work. Thankfully there was very little damage to the car and he is fine. He told me there was no choice except which one to hit as there were 5 of them on the road. He tried to come to a complete stop but couldn't and bumped one of them.

Yesterday I went to 2 dr appts.
A crime was committed while I was gone.
I returned home to this.
A 10 lb bag of potatoes was shredded and potatoes were everywhere.

One lonely potato that was apparently used during a game of fetch.

Seriously, who could possibly believe it was Gypsy?
To Mr. Bettis's attorney and new consultant,
the potato bag weighs more than she does.
I ask you, How could this little dog possibly do this much damage? Just look at the innocent face. I hereby plead Miss Gypsy to be innocent of the potato crime.

However I do believe I have the guilty culprit in custody.
Notice the toss pillows and the couch cushion on the floor? Miss Gypsy nor Miss Molly can pull the couch cushion off the couch. I have previously witnessed Mr. Bettis kicking the toss cushions off the couch.
The loveseat cover is a shambles and Mr. Bettis is laying asleep on it. He appears to tired from his criminal activity.
I declare Mr. Bettis to be Guilty of the Potato Crime.
I'm looking into a webcam.
...........there's a new leak in the roof and it's still raining!


Anonymous said...

Don't mention leaks in the roof!!! I love the adventures of the infamous Mr. Bettis.

Nichole said...

OMG - too funny... a game of fetch with potatoes! :) I can chuckle because the throw pillows at our house are nearly always on the floor thanks to Zeus who likes to get up there and start flinging his BIG body all around, tossing things as far as he can...

Oh yea... and we've got that crap weather here too. So much for global warming, eh?

Channon said...

No rainforest; doesn't it have to be WARM for that?! We're having monsoon season, or at least, so I've declared it.

Gretchen has learned to ask for her raincoat, poor baby.

Honestly Mr. B... Potatoes?! Sissy does wreck the sofa sometimes, so that, I understand, but raw, unwashed, unpeeled potatoes?

Grace said...

not raining yet today but its coming I am allergic to mold and beginning to get scared!

gaylen said...

As for the rain, move to washington. Seriously it's been in the high 70s for weeks. I have a tan for the first time in my life.

As to Mr. Bettis - I don't believe it was him. Where were the potatos left? Just because the bag weighs more than Gypsy doesn't mean she isn't capable of the damage. At least the potatoes look whole - like they didn't eat them, just plyayed fetch with them. g

Laura Neal said...

I would kill for that rain you are having. We are watering everything every single day and it is still dying. It is so hot here that I stay inside as long as I can. I did manage to go swimming today to cool off after dyeing yarn. My car said it was 105 the other day. So, you can have this heat and I will take your cold and

Ann said...

better weather today but those were some storms last night!!!!

Have you heard from DD?

did you get the email I sent with the letter?

Anita said...

I'll trade you some of our 90's for some of your 60's! :) but we've got rain too so you can keep that. LOL

Are you sure you want a web cam so you can watch the wreck happen? And worry about it the whole time? SNOL I think it's better to just be oblivious to it until you get home. But wouldn't it be funny to find out that it's the cats this whole time making the mess? HA HA!

Bubblesknits said...

My client wishes to point out to the jury that, just because he is a strong, handsome, big dog (winks at Sissy), he is not automatically guilty of this crime. Might this attorney point out the amount of damage a smaller animal, such as a raccoon or squirrel, can make? The defense rests it's case. ;-)

And it sounds like the deer have put a hit out on your family. LOL