Thursday, June 04, 2009

It's What?

It's raining.........again! I am wearing a sweater and jeans today. On June 4th. This is ridiculous! I think I need specs for an Ark.
Thank goodness Mrs. Jenny Wren's house is above the ground. I decided to check on the wee one today. Well guess what?

The camera (known as the birdie sonogram) revealed not one but four wee eggs! It's quadruplets, folks.
The DD and I are ecstatic. If only I could knit for them. How about little birdie sweaters with JW initialed on them? Names? I'll have to come up with names. Any suggestions?
I do have a small concern. She built this nest inside a grocery bag. I wonder how she will get them out of there to fly? And if so, what about Mr. Bettis & Co who may be outside during the flight? No worries on the cats. They're inside creatures although Miss Aurora has been spending quite a bit of time at the kitchen window watching.

I cast on for yet another project. The Caricia shawl. Now let's see I wonder how far I'll get on this one.


Channon said...

I know. I have on jeans today too. I'm tired of rain and cool weather!

I hope Mrs. Wren has a plan, because I know Mr B will be watching...

Bubblesknits said...

As far as Mr. Bettis is concerned, you should name them Snack 1, Snack 2, Snack 3, and Snack 4. lol

Anita said...

I'm sure Mrs. Wren is smart enough to plan around Mr. Bettis. I bet she has had her eye on him as much as he has had on her. LOL

Names... Winkin, Blinkin & Nod... get it? LOL We'll have to name the 4th one Opie, after Opie Taylor who came up with first 3. He he!!

And don't worry, those babies will get out just like mom does. :)

Laura Neal said...

Hotter than hades down here. I wish we would get some rain. We had to water today since the grass is turning brown.
As to the bird, that is really neat for you to watch. Keep us informed.