Saturday, June 13, 2009


The economy is bad but the daughter and her friends have become very resourceful for entertainment. One of their events is a movie night. We and the friends' parents take turns for a movie night at our homes every week.
She was at a friend's home for movie night. At 11:45 pm (her curfew is midnight) she came in the door shaken to the core. She blurted out she hit a deer 1/4 mile from the house. We know that is a known deer crossing .
She handled it well for about 5 minutes. Then the wailing began. She was concerned she killed a life (as she put it). This is the only damage to the car. She's a lucky young driver. Her very first and hopefully only "accident."

Daughter will be gone over Father's Day (more about that on a later post). She wanted to give her dad something before she left. So I pulled my resources and she took her dog-sitting money (yes, she dog sits) to buy him a weed eater.
His back is not good and has been worse since the near mishap in the city last week. I can no longer fuss with the weeds with my bum leg so this gift is perfect.
He loved it! He put it together and there's not a weed in sight around here:). Men and their gadgets LOL.

Mr. Bettis & Co receive a steady supply of treats. Because....well... because (shrug). Just ask Chan why they get treats:).
Miss Gypsy (brat) set her treat in the middle of the couch then kept a vigilant watch. It drives Mr. Bettis crazy.

He is such a gentle dog and he will not take the treat unless Gypsy leaves. Notice the difference in size. Since Gypsy and Phoebe, the cat, were keeping watch he laid his head on the couch and stared at the treat. He waited. Miss was not budging.

So what did he do? He went to my knitting nesting corner and got into my knitting! Right in front of my eyes! I couldn't believe it. Caught red-pawed! I wonder what his attorney has to say about this?


smilely said...

I know I'm not his regular attorney, but I think he may have smelled a little crumb in your basket and he didn't want it to get all over your project.
As for DD, she was lucky, as you know those four legged creatures can do a lot of damage.

Channon said...

It was your turn to make me laugh! Mugsy used to do the same thing with the treat to Fred, and Gretchen will sometimes hold her treat until Sissy is done with hers, just to taunt her sister.

Clearly, you need to talk to Gypsy about how to train Mr. B. She obviously has a program that works. (Maybe because she isn't thinking about a photo opp for her blog before she scolds him?)

So glad DD had such minor damage to the car. I remember hitting a bird on my way to school when I was a senior in HS. Much trauma and drama. I do believe I stopped by the church to light a candle for it - seriously.

Bubblesknits said... bone scented yarn? Yeah,'s the latest thing! ;-)

Glad DD is okay. I swerved to miss a cat when I was 16. My car spun around 3 times and ended up in a ditch. Ugh. No fun, that.

gaylen said...

I'm glad your daughter and the car weren't hurt more than the little bit of damage. I'm guessing the deer was ok - based on how the car looks.

As for Mr. B - I don't have any ideas. Maybe you need bad smelling yarn? Have you heard from his attorney yet? g

Anita said...

A deer hit me one time a couple of years ago, terrifying experience! I'm glad she's ok & that's all the damage the car got!! Mine got the whole driver's side of the car. UGH

Funny how he goes to being so sweet to so bad in such a short span of time, that Mr. B. LOL