Sunday, June 21, 2009


HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to the dads out there. I will be posting our day's events tomorrow. I know it's a day late but our indoor picnic will be this evening. I'd post a picture of the outdoors but it's the same as yesterday and the day before and the day before get the picture.
We had a clearing yesterday for a few hours. Then we had an afternoon umbrella shower and of course we were not under the umbrella. The thunder clouds rolled in and it rained all evening into the night. Today, it is windy, cool and appears as if the dark clouds could break loose any moment with more liquid sunshine. To all those who need rain I'll be sending buckets of the stuff your way:).
There's water in the basement and the roof is still leaking. The DH wants to fix the roof leak but it must dry first. The wet dry vac stands ready at all times. Getting downright depressing around here. Meanwhile DD called last night at midnite. She forgot about the time change. She's having the time of her life camping and enjoying the beauty of her dry surroundings. I understand there are tons of pictures for us to sort through when she arrives home in a week.

Okay, to all those who think Mr. Bettis gets a bum rap with his shenanagins.
Miss Aurora carries skeins of yarn around the house and hides them. I caught her having a nice romp with a ball of yarn.

I tried to grab it but she hung onto it with all of her claws. Not good when one's hand is in the midst of cat claws and yarn.

Hugging her yarn for dear life.

Yes, we're desperate for any indoor entertainment these days.

You thought I would leave Mr. Bettis out didn't you? Not-on-your-life. He wanted outside at 6 am (on a Sunday morning?). He was barking his fool head off and when I looked outside guess who has returned. Mr. (or Mrs.) Rabbit. If Mr. B thinks I'm getting up every morning at 6 am (as he did last year)so he can bark at the rabbit he needs to get another thought in his head.


gaylen said...

Umm, I hate to tell you but I'm betting on Mr. Bettis to win that war. Getting up at 6 to bark at rabbits, not getting the rabbit, that is.

Enjoy the brief dryness. g

Channon said...

Gretchen gets me up EVERY day at 6:22. I don't know why; it doesn't seem to matter what time she goes to bed or how much exercise she gets.

Gretchen also thought Aurora looked rather happy playing with the yarn. I think in the depths of her memory, there was a happy tickle from her own yarn-romping days.

Anita said...

Miss Aurora does look quite happy with that yarn there. :) You leave them around so she can play with them right? LOL

Mr. B & the rabbits... that's a no win situation isn't it?