Saturday, April 18, 2009

Spring Into Action

It's Spring and I needed a pick-me-up so I convinced the DH to paint the bedroom. It was a dull drab taupe and I wanted something cheerful.
I found this color and fell in love with the color. It is a soft yellow and the vintage flowered bed spread that I purchased a while back matches perfectly.

Mr. Bettis swiped his tail on the wall and he threatened to tie a paint brush to his tail so he could help paint. Gypsy ended up with paint on her head and I have yet to figure out how that happened. Unless of course, Mr. Bettis swiped her head with his painted tail.
The end result of the room is pretty and cheerful and I like it.

I still have "Startitis". I found this pattern to use up left over sock yarn. It started out as a pram blanket but it is going to end up as a rectangular shawl for yours' truly.

This project has been started many times only to be scrapped in the end. The sock yarn blankie with Square #1 finished.

We'll see how far I get on this one. I've seen pictures and I really like the finished look of it. I go again.

As if I have nothing else to knit, I made these to celebrate Spring. Talk about gratifying knitting, I love 'em. They're quick and fun and were made yesterday afternoon.
I plan to gift them to a few little girls that I spoil from time to time.

This yarn took a dunk and it's mine. All mine. Not sure what to make with it but I like the color.
I'll ponder this one for awhile.

I haven't forgotten you, my blogging friends. I still read blogs even if I don't comment. It's just a busy time this year with Son #2's wedding, DD's events and her upcoming graduation. So please bear with me.


Channon said...

Love the new look. Sissy is VERY concerned though; how do you and DH, Mr. B, Gypsy and the cats all sleep on that bed? Sissy has a king-size she shares with her humans and the brat (her name for the wild child today), and sometimes, she STILL doesn't have enough room...

(Yes, I have suggested that perhaps you and DH don't share your space with the whole clan, but Sissy won't hear of it.)

LOVE the blankies! I could knit a blanket if I only did a few rows at a time... Hmmm...

I too have startitis, so I'm glad to share your affliction.

Grace said...

what yarn did you use for the frosting on the cupcake and I love how your other knitting is coming too

I love giving new rooms a new look with a wee bit of paint!

Laura Neal said...

Nice wall color. Your hubby would go nuts if he sees the way I paint. I paint a wall, and move onto another section of wall and move around the room like that. Gary can't paint with me. I drive him nuts but, I get that room done, mucho pronto, actually even faster than just doing one wall at a time.
Love the yarn, it is so pretty!

Bubblesknits said...

Ooooh, what's the pattern you're using for the ripple shawl? Or is it just a simple ripple stitch?

Love the wall color. I'm not allowed in the same room as the hubby when we're painting. He says I'm too picky. *snort* Dunno what he's talking about. ;-)

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

Love the cupcakes to cute:)Hugs Darcy
I was drooling over yarn and bags in your etsy shop:)

Anita said...

LOVE the room!! Look perfect with the spread!! :)

Cute cupcakes, and hey, you gotta start somewhere on that sock yarn blankie, square #1 is a good place.

Guess what I found on me this morning after doing yard work this weekend?!!!! You got it, a dang deer tick! UGH!!!!!!! Just another good reason to stay inside & forget the damn yard!

gaylen said...

I'm working diligently on finishing. So far it's working. Although I really want to start a few new projects.

Love the cupcakes. The color of the bedroom is so fresh. Amazing what a coat of paint will do. And for what's it worth - I'm not allowed to paint at our house either - i do it wrong! g

smilely said...

The cupcakes are wonderful. Two sock yarn projects, are you sure you want to put yourself through that.
The yarn is beautiful, that looks just like me.