Thursday, August 29, 2013

Game on

A lot and I do mean a lot going on here and we decided to have some fun to ease the stress. Game on.
Homemade chex mix and iced tea was the snack choice.
 Disney Monopoly was the game choice (chosen by the eldest daughter who is a Disney fan)

 I have never won a game of Monopoly in my life but this one was different. These are the properties I purchased by chance.

 I haven't laughed this much in quite a while. While I was demanding my $950 rent for Fox & the Hound with a castle, our son-in-law faithfully requested his $4 and $6 rent for his lonely little properties. At one point the girls teamed up and against the whole gang. It finally came down to me (who they dubbed Mrs. Potter) and them. It wasn't long before the hubby and son-in-law were bankrupt.
At one point the girls were hoping to be in 'jail' so they could avoid paying the rent. Chem-girl found herself in 'jail' a total of 22 times thru out the game and Vet-girl was refusing the free get out of jail cards but it caught up with them in the end. 
I tried to 'visit' them in jail but they turned their backs on my visit and said they refused to speak to me...LOL. 

A game night we won't forget for a long time and a great way to put our troubles aside and have some fun.


SissySees said...

The Knight collects Monolpoly games, but doesn't have Disney... not that we play the different versions anyway.

(Love that movie, Fox and the Hound... "I'm a hound dog! Ahrroooo!")

I can hear the joy in your "voice" and I'm delighted you had such fun.

Ann said...

That post made me smile!!! I'll need to buy this monopoly. Looks fun!

GeekMamaKnits said...

That's one of our favorite games around here. Haven't seen the Disney version before! I bet the kids would get a kick out of it. :) Oh, and pass the chex mix. lol

Nichole Burke said...

Sounds like great - and tasty - fun!