Thursday, May 29, 2014

It is well....

Recently (as in the past year) there have been more ups and downs in our lives then a person can withstand. That said, some of those events have been repeats of many years and we turned a blind eye to avoid the inevitable.
Unfortunately the last 'meltdown episode' took it's toll. A wide range of emotions have not been the answer for me.  I don't like confrontation and anyone who truly knows me knows that about me. Ahem....I'm also a bit stubborn so I, of course thought I could 'fix it' no matter the cost to myself physically and mentally. I was promptly brought to my knees on that one.
So I turned to the "Good Book" (as I should have from the beginning) and found the answer. Not quite what I wanted to read  but the hubby (who has deep religious roots, more than anyone else I know) had been telling me, "it is written and it's revelation." Did I mention I'm stubborn? Oh yeah....I did and I don't always listen to him, as he knows ;)

Conclusion: I must accept the fact no amount of consoling, coddling, 'giving in', reaching out, forgiving and forgetting etc on our part will fix it. It is what it is....
Surprisingly I am at peace. Why? because "it is written."
On that note a well known hymn played in my mind  (anyone who knows me knows I cannot sing ;) ) and I found a beautiful rendition on youtube. It is well with my soul


Grace said...

i so understand more then I can say---between the financial pressures and the family pressures, I don't know how I continue to wake up every day and then I remember there are two constants in my life, Thomas and my knitting. We too are living with the fact that we can't change the people in our lives who are causing us pain, and wondering how it ever happened to begin with----I am right there with you and for you Kathy!

SissySees said...

You are so very wise!

That hymn is just what I needed this morning. Thank you.