Thursday, May 29, 2014

Butter you than me

My Appalachian roots are embedded with country homestyle cooking. That said, I do not like gravy nor am I a fan of mashed potatoes (I also don't care for spicy food but that's for another post). 
I get the whole thing of eating healthy but folks, let's get real here; All things in moderation and that includes our food and drink intake. 
I like butter. Ahem...I also like salt, sweets and drink waaaay too much coffee and milk, but sshhhh.... don't tell anyone. Everyone indulges in 'something.'
My grands (and greats) ate lard. Yep! Good old fashioned lard...and butter...and gravies... and they all lived (with the exception of one grand) into their late 80's and 90's. 
Let's face it...what would an ear of corn be without a slab of countrystyle butter? Or how about a stack of hotcakes (pancakes)? Or a bowl of hot off the stove popcorn? And heaven knows homemade cookies don't stand a chance in the cookie jar unless they're baked with REAL honest-to-goodness butter.

 A butter churn similar to the the one below resides in my kitchen as a decorative piece; perched nicely at the base of my antique cookstove.
I use butter in moderation. Why? because that's how I was raised. We were permitted the luxury of butter on our vegetables and bread as long as we ate it and didn't waste it.
While many substitute peanut butter, the new nutella fad, almond butter or cream cheese (none of which please my palate), I say, pass the butter please (and the salt ;) )

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