Friday, May 09, 2014

I see spots

I saw this little sweater on Ravelry and my needles were smitten. It looks so Dr. Suessy and a unisex sweater.
I couldn't locate the book as it's produced in the UK so I contacted my dear friend in Northern Ireland. Stuff happened in this neck of the woods (medical monkey on our back etc) and I soon put this little sweater out of my mind.
Lo and behold my friend contacted me and said she found it and it was enroute across the Big Pond. 
It arrived today!!! :D.  I grabbed a cup of tea (in honor of my dear friend) and 'studied' the book from front to back. There are quite a few nice projects as well as the spotted cardigan that will soon be on my needles. I didn't have the yarn on hand so a 'shopping trip' online was necessary and the yarn is on it's way. 
My needles can't wait to cast on.

Many hugs and thanks from across the Big Pond to my friend, C.B. :D

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SissySees said...

Hooray!! I'm so glad your friend found it for you.

(I bought a bag of yours from R's shop today. It has a basset AND a purple bone 'beener on it, so it was meant to be mine!)