Thursday, September 23, 2010

Trick or treats

It's a good thing I have friends. I'm a bit of a scatter brain these days and this post has been a long time in coming. Thanks Nic ;).

A while back we entered a contest on Lapdog Creations blog and we WON! Bright Bites dental dog treats were the prize.

Mr. Bettis & Gang were sniffing the box before I even opened it. Notice he's licking his chops and I haven't opened the bags yet. I've never seen the gang so excited over a box.
Bright Bites included a large dog collar (which was put on Mr. B immediately) and a book of 101 dog tricks. I had to laugh because teaching Mr. B tricks is a feat in and of itself but we're going to try. A lovely handwritten note was also enclosed.

Miss Gypsy pretending she's not really interested but she had her snout in there right before I snapped this one.
They LOVED the treats. Thank you Nic and fur-babies and a special thank you to Bright Bites for the fantastic product and extra goodies.
Miss Molly truly loved the treat. She's a bit pouty these days. Her owner is in college and she spends her days with her favorite toy and trying her best to keep Mr. Bettis in line *sigh*. Sometimes it's a lo-o-ong day around here.


Nichole said...

YAY! So glad they loved the treats... and I too say thank you again to Bright Bites for allowing me to giveaway such an awesome prize pack! =)

Channon said...

Poor Molly. Sissy says to tell her to lighten up; life's much more fun when you're not being so alooooof!

Oh - and congrats on the prizes! Keep us posted on Mr B's trick training. ;)

Bubblesknits said...

Now, I'm sure Mr. Bettis knows plenty of tricks. They're just all tricks you prefer him not to perform. Such as "Potato Football" or "Yarn Wrangling". ; )

gMarie said...

Poor Miss Molly. Can't wait to see what new tricks Mr. B comes up with. g