Monday, December 03, 2007

Knit 'n Time

I finally got some knittin' time. This is the "new" scarf for the Piccolo Pirate's flute teacher.
After all the scarf knitting woes posted below, Woo-Hoo! It's finished. I'm not that fond of knitting scarves, I get bored easily. But I must say, they work up quickly and they are pretty when finished. I made this one yesterday afternoon.
The Piccolo Pirate would've made this herself except she has a lot of homework. So she's excused..........this time.

I started these on Saturday evening. I finished them last evening. Quick, pretty and warm. They are made from Worsted Slub from

Yarn Treehouse. I liked working with this yarn, it was soft. These mitts go to the dog groomer aka Vet Girl's co-worker.

My kids have a knack of coming to me one month before Christmas to see if I have any "nice, homemade gifts lying around" for them to give to people they know will appreciate them. Yeah right, like I have a box full of beautiful handmade knitted items set aside just for them. But, I'm a mom, so I try to "whip" up nice gifts for them. I must admit, I like the wonderful comments that come back, isn't that why we knit in the first place?
Next year, my BFF and I will be posting pics of all the beautiful items the gift containers that we have knitted all year.

p.s. Mark the above statement on a calendar and remind me of this next year when I'm in another knitting gift panic.


KnittingMoose said...

Lovely knitted gifts! And you did a great job making the stripes match on the mitts.

monica said...

love the mitts. I think I tell myself every year I will knit up a few items for teachers and the like but it never happens and then I am scrambling to get things finished. I have a scarf to knit still and a few fingerless mitts.

I will have to look at the self striping yarn you used I have not knit with that brand yet.