Thursday, December 06, 2007

School's Out.......Again

The DH called on his way to work ( I find it interesting, that he was on his way to work when he called rather gleefully) to inform me that school is out.......again.

The temp outside is a balmy 12 degrees farenheit. It's cold. The snow turned to ice and the streets in town are a mess. So the kids are out once again. It's not that we have that much snow, after all we have been known to have snow measured by the foot, but this particular snowfall is slick. It glistens like diamonds, beautiful, but slick. So once again, I will be "entertaining" the 16 yr old. She is the last one at home out of 4 kids. As I told a friend, she's a good kid/student but how much high school drama/gossip can a parent take? Although said gossip/drama has been used by me (unbeknown to her) as life learning tools.

I'm off here to find "entertainment" for the 16 yr old i.e. dusting, cleaning........well you get the picture..... and if I get any flack I'm thinking Mr. Bettis could put those huge paws to work and become a sled dog. He could pull her to school.

p.s. Now where's that dog sled?


monica said...

My 16 year old thinks you should let you r 16 year old sleep. That is one her favorite pastimes.
It was 9 degrees F here this morning but the snow missed us.

Diane said...

Brrrrr that's cold. I think that would be a fine occupation for Mr Bettis. Might wear him out enough to where he's too tired to chew your stuff. lol

Laura Neal said...

Mr. Bettis so sweet! He is looking at you with love in those big brown eyes. I know he just drives you insane! How is the wedding planning coming along? How many more people are coming? Have you tried adding more nog to your egg nog? LOL!