Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Snow ,Snowmes & School's Out

Okay, the weather man missed this one. He called for an inch of snow. We have more than that and it's still snowing. I don't mind. I like snow. It is very pretty and Christmasy. However school was out. What does that mean? It means my 16 yr old daugher wanted to go shopping. Not-happening! Then she wanted to bake cookies, sculpt clay, knit and talk my ear off. I'm not complaining, it's just she is high maintenance and I'm accustomed to quiet all day while she's in school.

This is our lighted deer in the front yard. I sent the daughter out to take the pictures. Hey, I know it's cold and wet but it gave her something to do............for at least 5 minutes.

Unfortunately "my schedule" was a mess with her home from school and so I knitted. No, not the gifts I should be knitting, but Snowmes! I was on the phone with my BFF when the pattern arrived in the mail. My poor BFF no longer has hearing as I was screeching into the phone when I opened it. Maybe a snowme will cheer her.
They're lovin' this snowy weather.

I cast on right away for the larger Snowme out of stash. He was finished by dinnertime. I sent the husband to the store to pick up JoAnn Sensations white boucle for the smaller one. It is perfect yarn for it. These two need more snow buddies so another one is cast on and almost finished.
I know, I know, I'm supposed to be making gifts. Won't everyone just love getting a Snowme this year instead of gloves, hats etc? I think this would warm their heart instead of useful, dull items to warm body parts....................LOL

Have a Good Snow Day!

p.s. I just heard, the high maintenance kid has a 2 hour delay in the morning. Let's hope it's not another school's out day.


monica said...

They threatened us with snow. It missed us. I was hoping for a 2 hour delay.

I know what you mean abou thtose high maintenance 16 year old daughters, I have one too :) but they are wonderful to have.

The snowmes are adorable.

KnittingMoose said...

Hee! Those are cute! Where'd you find that pattern?