Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Many Moons Ago

My driver's license expired today. Apparently I overlooked the expiration notice. So off to MVA. I strolled to the window to get my license mumbling about overlooking and losing the notice. The clerk directed me to the vision apparatus. I asked, "with or without glasses? I can't see a thing without them." With them is fine, ma'am. (Okay we can drop the ma'am stuff)
I put my head onto the vision apparatus.

Clerk: Read the last 3 rows of letters.
Me: Last 3 rows? There's only 2 rows.
Clerk: No. There are 3 rows with a total of 12 letters.
Me: Oh no ma'am. (a wee bit of sarcasm has now entered my voice) There's only 2 rows with a total of 8 letters.
At this point the clerk pushed a button. I then promptly announced with great satisfaction: Ma'am, I don't know what button you pushed but now there are no letters or rows. It's blank! (apparently it was not supposed to be blank but I didn't know that at the time)
I then, smugly announced loud enough for everyone to hear : "This machine is broken." Somehow I thought that would justify the long waiting lines. It didn't.
The MVA clerk checked the machine and quietly said: Ma'am the machine is not broken. If you can't read the letters then we cannot give you a new license and your license expires at midnite tonite.
This called for desperate measures.
I pleaded.
I begged.
I squinted.

I tried to explain: "I have a lazy eye. It never developed." I thought that would be a shoe-in. After all if one has a lazy eye and can't see one should pass immediately. Okay, I know........ but desperation overtook my logic.
Me: "I can't see these letters. Could you possibly make the letters larger? I think I could see them then".
Apparently there is no sense of humor at the MVA. They called two supervisors to come out to explain the procedure. 3 forms and an eye doctor appointment are necessary for me to try to get my license renewed. I failed the vision test.
I left the MVA a bit disillusioned.

I called the DH who forgot it was my birthday..............again.

Many moons ago in a little appalachia town a red faced, dark haired baby entered the world. That little baby was ME! I looked like a little Indian baby. My dad is a mixed heritage of American Indian and Scottish and me mom is German and American Indian descent.

I reflect on my life and I am who I am.

1. I laugh at the most ridicuous things
2. I care about the small, meek and humble
3. I understand the true meaning of loving unconditionally
4. I care very little about money (unless of course it pertains to yarn)
5. I knit because it gives me joy and in this life I intend to enjoy

I am who I am.

p.s. I'm putting in a suggestion to the MVA. How about a hairdresser and fashion consultant on the premises solely for picture taking?