Monday, August 27, 2007

Doing a Sock Jig

Drum Roll and Trumpets please. I have finally finished something........ socks! These are my Gold Leaf socks. I designed them from the toe up and I incorporated a leaf stitch pattern from Barbara Walker. I used my brand new Lantern Moon needles and I enjoyed making these. They were fun, the yarn was nice, the needles were fantastic and they're mine............all mine.

These are the sock blockers that my dad made for me. They are made from cedar. He fussed about them not being perfect but they are perfect to me.........after dad made them. They smell so nice and I used them for the first time with my Gold Leaf socks. They were perfect.
Dad.....if you're reading this........Thank you and I love you.

This pair is a Christmas gift. I must keep it a secret lest the receiver -to -be suspects this gift is for her. The yarn is from Astrid's just click on her link to the right. I like this yarn. It is soft and the colors are very intense. I am usually a fussy knitter when it comes to matching socks but I enjoyed this yarn so much that it didn't matter if they were perfect or not. Besides I finished them.

P.S. I will be posting an update on the new developments of Mr. Bettis and the web cam activities of Mr. Milo.


Laura Neal said...

OOh, very nice! Want to come and knit some socks for me? hee hee. I like your sock blockers! Your Dad did a very nice job on them. You might consider asking him if he would make some more up and you could sell them in your shop! Sock blockers are very hard to find!

Diane said...

Your Gold Leaf socks look great.

What a nice dad you have! Love those sock blockers.

KnittingMoose said...

What fabulous sock blockers! And how special that your dad made them for you. :)