Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Do you remember this?

Do you remember when I posted earlier about this happy couple with a new puppy?

Or perhaps you remember this adorable face?

Ha ha ha............dear, little Mr. Milo has been at it in his "parents" home while they are at work. Seems he found the computer keyboard and destroyed it. He also chewed on his food dish after dumping the food. Splashed in the water dish resulting in water all over their kitchen floor. I would laugh at all of this except I have Mr. Bettis residing here.

My son aka Mr Milo's "parent" purchased a security web cam to monitor Mr. Milo's activities while the "parents" are at work. Now I must ask, why? Why would anyone purchase a web camera for a dog? I mean, really! By the time you view it, the dog has already done the nasty deed.
Although after I think about it, I think I need one. Mr. Bettis chewed another cable company owned remote and required his owner aka the DH to purchase yet another remote. (I actually did chuckle on that one, for once it wasn't my stuff). I came home the other day from a visit to my daughter's home and found my KnitPicks needle case missing a corner. Yes, the entire corner was g-o-n-e. And who did it? Yep! Mr. Bettis! So I may be borrowing my son's web cam after all.

This is what dogs are supposed to do instead of destroying their owners "stuff."

Little Miss Gypsy Jo.

P.S. I guess you're wondering why I didn't post a pic of Mr. Bettis. I refuse to post a picture of a dog who has taken to destroying my stuff on a daily basis. His notoriety will not be enhanced with pictures for all to see...........at least for the moment.


Diane said...

I'm with you. I'd prefer not to watch my stuff being distroyed and then having to stew over it until I got home.

Laura Neal said...

You can tell new puppy parents, they think they should record the joys their little heathen is destroying. Why even bother? You can't punish them unless you catch them in the act. What is he going to do, yell at the dog over the answering machine tape? The dog will have a fear of the machine and wonder, what is that noise? Ah the life of having a dog!