Thursday, August 09, 2007

Party & Bettis Trouble......AGAIN!


We celebrated the knitting DD's birthday with the annual family birthday picnic. It rained but that didn't damper the fun that we always have at the picnics.

It was hot just like it was 16 years ago when she was born. Or perhaps I thought it was hot because I had a tendency to pack 50 pounds of baby fat on my somewhat smallish frame every time I was "with child."

She made her own cake as she always has which has been part of the birthday fun for my kids. This year she chose to bake an Oreo cheesecake. It was rich but very good.

This is her knitting FO. She made an afghan from my stash to take on her band functions. It gets very cold up here at football games, parades etc. So she'll keep warm in this one.

I wonder if I can borrow it? After all she did make it from my stash.

Mr. Bettis has been at it again. Seems he likes electronic devices. I recently came home after running an errand to find the tv remote in the hallway completely destroyed. I called Vet girl to see if it hurt a large dog to swallow batteries. (I couldn't find them at first) She said we would have to wait it out. I will spare details.

I then called the cable company for the procedure on dog chewed cable company owned remotes. I explained that my DH's 8 month old, 100 lb puppy ate it! He seemed to get quite a chuckle out of it. He then told me I had to drive to the cable office to pick up another one. At the tune of $9.00 or 1 skein of Noro yarn.

So the DH got in the hot car to drive 10 miles to buy another remote. The cable office staff got quite a kick out of the chewed remote and offered to throw it away for me. Not-on-your-life. I want it for evidence to the non-believers. We spend our days readying up items that seem to find their way into Mister Bettis' very large mouth.

Notice: he doesn't seem to be growing into those paws. They just seem to get bigger!

UPDATE: I saved this post as a draft due to electric storm outages. Mister Bettis chewed the second remote. More on that after the storm.


KnittingMoose said...

Oh no, what a dog! I can't imagine... Our little Moose is a chewy sort of cat though, he likes to chew furniture and everything. So far though, not to destructive...hee. His favorite thing lately is removing refrigerator magnets one by one...and scooching our falling ficus leaves around the house. :)

Laura Neal said...

I too have one of those doggies that loves to chew, Napoleon loves to eat books when he is bored. When I leave home and know I will be gone for a while, I get out the doggie raw hides for him and his brother, Bootsy. It saves all the books! I had bought a new address book, a nice one and I came home to find all my corners eaten. It still makes me mad and here it is 5 years already. sigh!

Diane said...

Happy Birthday to DD.

You're right. That dog's feet seem to grow along with him. Wonder how big he'll end up .... and how many more things of yours he'll distroy.