Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Love...1940 style

 The weekend yarn package that arrived in the midst of a surprise party has been opened. Oodles of wonderful yarn for little boys and this was immediately cast on. My stash lacks little boy yarn so it's necessary to stock up and this site has great prices, free shipping and perfectly suited yarn. I absolutely love this aviator sweater set.
I'm a 1940-50's kinda gal. Show me a style for little ones in that era and I'm smitten. Unlike today's mish-mash the 40's-50's style are not only classy but functional as well. Nothing like a feminie bonnet or a stylish masculine helmet to keep a baby/child's head warm.

Off to do some serious knitting. Uh-oh....I see the yarn site that I ordered from has just added Drops yarn...I'm in trouble ;)

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SissySees said...

What a little cutie!! The classics are always in style.