Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Nothing like coming home to this on your back porch. Love it! Another batch of stash yarn from here. Free shipping and great prices can't be beat. 

 Trying to find DK weight yarn for kids in affordable prices is not an easy task in the USA. Trust me, I know. I've certainly spent oodles of time surfing on the net. So I traveled across the Big Pond and found plenty of DK weight in washable wonderful colors, a can't be beat price and it arrives quicker than domestic orders (eyeroll here). Mind you, it's not as if I really need it to arrive in the nick of time considering it'll take my needles a while to knit it but a knitter knows what I'm talkin' about.
Customer service is over the top on this site. Look what they included! A handful of candies to enjoy while knitting. 
My intentions are good (we'll see how far intention gets me) to knit all of this by summer's end. I hereby vow to not place another yarn order until this has been transformed into lovely little knits. (I advise marking this on the calendar. I have a tendency to 'slip' into the black hole of wonderful yarn).

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