Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Smarter than the average....

 Remember this cartoon? I loved Yogi and I defended his stealing of the picnic basket. After all, he was just a hungry ole bear :) Anyway, I'm eluding to the fact another smallish sweater is finished but I can't post it as I know it will be seen on here and it's not for pre-gift eyes. As far as computers (and other Life stuff), I may not know it all but I'm "smarter than the average bear."
 Yes it's late and yes, I've checked my email for a package tracking. Supposedly it will arrive tomorrow and this little knit will be on the needles. Have I mentioned I love color? Absolutely love this design. Everything in one little cowl: color, fair-isle knit, fine screams of me!
There should also be an international delivery of yarn arriving but more than likely not until Friday or Saturday. No matter, I'm running out of

Side note: Major kitchen renovation is almost finished. Hopefully the new countertop will be installed tomorrow. I'm putting final touches on the room as we work to sand, re-stain and seal the baseboard/trim. I must say I love my new kitchen. In spite of 'disagreements' in the middle of the nail /faucet/ceiling fan/flooring/sink/countertop aisles of our local lumber yard we have overcome. 
I suppose I should mention it took 3 years to build the deck over all over 1 foot, because the husband and I did not agree (eyeroll here). He soon came around to my way of thinking after an extended bout of pbj's for dinner and conceded to my construction knowledge (although he claims his 20 some odd years surpasses mine...pppfffttt...what does he know?)

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SissySees said...

OMG I can't do stranded knitting but I want to try that cowl. What's the pattern?