Monday, June 16, 2014


Doors...they fascinate me. My grandparents' farm house was built in 1779. The deed was on the original sheepskin and it started out as an inn for travelers. During the Civil war part of the house was renovated to include a secret tunnel for runaway slaves to the North. There were 3 secret passageways as well as a 'false' wall and kitchen cupboard door. This fascinated me as a child and as an adult. The house has been sold (much to my dismay) and torn down. It should've been restored as a historical landmark but sadly, no one registered it as such.
Door knobs are another fascination and I love old locks and keys. I have a stash of my grandfather's keys and wonder what they belong to and where did they lead? Old things intrigue me. 

It has recently come to my attention when a 'person (or persons)' chooses to slam the door in one's face it is not conducive for one to spend all of one's time and energy knocking on that door. *shrug* Just let it be. If that person (or persons) really wants to give one equal 'preferential' treatment that person(s) will eventually do so (or not) and no amount of knocking on that door will encourage the door to open prematurely.
Never ever fret, because while that one door has been slammed shut there are countless other doors just waiting for one to knock. So be it :D

In the meantime I have an awesome door knob/lock that shall be made into a beautiful and intriguing house decoration.

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