Saturday, June 14, 2014

Spin a yarn

It finally stopped raining long enough to dry out the roof and do some much needed patching until the day arrives for the new roof and that won't be soon enough. A lot of renovation in this neck of the woods and I can't thank the hubby enough for his hard work and it's truly been a lot of work. Unfortunately most of the renovation is something I cannot help with and believe me, I've offered repeatedly. However, I am on clean-up duty.

RSD and the recent new diagnosis have been having a party (although I do not consider either one to be friends). Recently someone asked if my RSD is worse in cold or hot and unfortunately it is at it's worst during the summer and we won't even discuss humidity. Whew! It can render a person completely disabled. That said, I have learned over time to do my best to keep the wee mind busy so as not to think about the pain level. Most of the time, it works so I'm thankful for my hobbies :D.

While cleaning I stumbled onto my spindles so I gathered the supplies and set out to actually spin some yarn. A soothing hobby that also keeps my mind busy trying to achieve an even spin. This is a fine weight and I'm hoping to spin enough to make a shawl/scarf. Time will tell whether I actually spin a nice yarn or if in fact the author of this post is spinning a yarn ;).

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