Thursday, June 26, 2014

Walk...don't run

Contemplating life these days and I have decided to make some necessary and drastic changes. Back in the day (With Kids) I took them on 1 mile walks every day. It was a 2 for 1 deal, we got excercise and it wore the little loves out so they took extra long naps.
Due to medical issues and drs' advice sadly I had to give up on walking. 

In the past few years while baby-sitting a grandchild I would occasionally take him for walks but learned to do so on the day I was going home because it rendered me totally useless for days. I and my daughter took the grands for a walk back in March and unfortunately I recognized more deterioration from the previous year. 

I miss walking and it has taken me years to understand and accept (there's the key word) this injury. There are days I can do normal activities (normal for me, that is) and other days I cannot and to accept those limitations has been years in the making as well as ignoring those individuals who choose to not 'get it'. That is their problem, not mine.
Fast forward: I have decided to take up walking again. I put on the sneakers, took a deep breath and walked (at my pace) for 7 minutes in the backyard. It was refreshing and I was quite proud of myself. Will I ever be able to walk that mile? More than likely not, the injury has left permament damage but I'll take what I can get with a smile on my face.
 Someone mentioned that I take Mr. Bettis for a walk. Thank you but no, I'd rather not be dragged. One squirrel sighting and I'm certain I would be dragged thru woods, screaming BETTIS at the top of my lungs all for the sake of his ADHD dog mind.

Hope Sissy doesn't mind that he shared his cushion with a childhood pal, Destiny.

I see pink sneakers in my future ;)

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SissySees said...

I'm proud of you! Just listen to your body and don't push too hard.

Sissy didn't see the photo, so all is well!