Thursday, June 12, 2014


Well? It took all of a new pattern and I slipped down the black hole of yarn once again. Another order on it's way. I would hang my head in shame but sorry to say, I'm not. 
I certainly do not intend to have a political rant here but the way the economy is sinking in the tank I plan to have plenty of stash on hand. Most of my gifts are handmade therefore it's necessary to have plenty of supplies and at the rate I'm going I'll be set for years ;).
I'll keep you posted as the next order from across the Big Pond is shipped and received. 

Off to bind off a finished project...woot-woot!

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Laura Neal said...

I feel your pain, I just ordered in more beads...I need more bins for them all.

I can knit for years with my yarn stash without having to buy yarn. My MIL said she put me in her will to inherit all of her yarn stash. My hubby just cringed! LOL!