Monday, December 01, 2008

He's Getting Coal

Christmas decorating has begun. My 1900 cookstove is ready for the holidays. I want to make popcorn strands strung across the stove top.

Miss Gypsy and Miss Molly went to the groomer to get a spiffy holiday haircut. Mr. Bettis stayed home.
This green mass monster was his entertainment :(. It was a cone of cotton yarn. The cardboard cone is MIA. Probably in Mr. Bettis's tummy.
There's no blaming the "girls" for this deed. He was here alone with the exception of the cats.

And this is what the cats were doing. It's difficult to believe the green cotton mass of yarn was the result of a sleeping cat.

I don't believe Mr. Bettis realizes that Santa is watching. I do believe Mr. Bettis is on the Naughty List this year.


Channon said...

Oh come on! He only ate the cone. He tangled up the yarn a bit, but it's not like he ate rising rolls for your dinner or anything...

And it was cotton, not a cashmere blend. All in all, I think Mr Bettis was only kinda' bad. ;)

Anita said...

SNOL... listen to Chan trying to make excuses for him! he he

Are you even going to try to untangle that mess? What a nightmare! Sounds like a good job for the hubby! ha ha

Bubblesknits said...

The defense team would like to assert that there is no physical proof that our client committed this crime. Our client would also like the jury to note that he is incredibly hurt by his owner's accusations, as he is a loyal and loving companion. ::shows the jury a sad Mr. Bettis face::

However, the defense team would also like to add that if cardboard shows up in our client's next bowel movement, Mr. Bettis is prepared to pay an unspecified amount of doggy bones to Mrs. Gypsyknits within 24 hours.

;-) (You know you're laughing.)

Laura Neal said...

Ahh, he's so cute! We are in the middle of cats doing their business in places other than the cat box. One even threw up on the husband's office chair! LMAO! For once it isn't me getting the dirty end of the cat!

Diane said...

How does he think of this stuff? Hummm I'm all alone in the house. What to do ... what to do. I know I'll take this cone thingie and play with this stringy stuff. Hey! Look at this! It's another cone thingie in the middle. numm numm numm nummm.