Tuesday, December 23, 2008

oooohhhh.......Gifts Galore

Look what the postman delivered yesterday. A lovely box of goodies from Anita just for me.
Homemade bath snowballs that are grapefruit scented. I can't wait to lock myself in tub room and indulge in these. Wonderful, absolutely wonderful smelly jellies. I love the scents and they fill the room with aroma. Both of these will be on my gift list next year. Last but not least, a bottle of rainkissed lotion. Thank you so much Mrs. Grinch:). See? I knew your heart would grow 2 sizes. LOL Thank you so much!

I finished these in the nick of time (no pun intended to ole' St Nick). I felted sweaters and made purses for the kid's friends. These were fun to make. I found a collection of knitted belts and added them as the handles. Sewed a button or added an adornment and there you have it, purses!
They have been wrapped and sent with her this morning. She has an early class this morning and half day of school. They are going to get pizza after school and exchange their gifts. Oh to be young again.

I made a collection of little gifts for her to give to some of her friends. She's a senior and thought it was necessary to give to everyone. LOL
Cell phone sweaters. They're made from the sleeves of sweaters. Perfect for teens (although I admit to swiping one for self).

She did manage to squeeze in some knitting time and made 2 scarves. She ran out of time for pics. They were finished last night at midnite. I could hear the needles clicking. She also made several picture frames and inserted pictures of the past year's events.

The youngest son called yesterday and announced that he and our daughter-in-law to be is coming on Christmas Eve. I had no idea this son was coming and guess what? His gift is not finished. Unfortunately, I don't think it's going to make it. I slept 4 hours last night and Mr. Lyme is not finished with me yet. By the way, if Mr. Lyme or Mr. Flu come knocking on your door for a visit (or in Mr. Lyme's case, a move-in). Give 'em the boot!

In case I don't get an opportunity to read blogs and respond, I apologize. I will read them as soon as I find those elves and put them to work. Now where are the little creatures?



Channon said...

I'm tired, just reading that. I do hope Mr Bettis isn't interrupting too much with his in, no out, no in... routine!

You are just too talented! Those bags and phone cozies need to head to Etsy.

Merry Christmas!

Catherine said...

Have a lovely Christmas !!!!

Catherine xx

Bubblesknits said...

I'm with Chan...you're making me yawn just reading all that! lol I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a very safe New Year! Try to find time to rest.

Anita said...

The purses & cell phone sweaters are awesome! .... every heard of making a silk purse out of a sow's ear?.... I think you could actually do that! LOL

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!!

Laura Neal said...

Merry Christmas, I hope you and your family have a safe and fun filled event.
Your items for your daughter are pretty cool. Ever thought of starting that as part of a business? Recycled sweaters, coats, etc.