Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The Tick Round 2

Okay, if you see a tick, RUN the other way. Do not run up a tree. Take your yarn money with you. These little devils live in trees and they cost the host (victim)big $$$'s. They have no mercy. Whining about money means nothing to these teeny creatures.

It's been exactly one month since the tick bite. I have now been diagnosed with Lyme Disease. Now before you feel sorry for me, keep in mind, I have a sense of humor. So here are a few questions that I am asking myself. (I certainly don't expect any of you to answer these.)

First of all where in the world did anyone come up with the name, Lyme Disease? Sounds like lime stone to me. How about Lymette or Lyminosis? Just plain ole' Lyme? Really now, I think they could do better than that.

Second: What are the chances of me getting Lyme disease? According to my family it's a 99% chance. (They say that with a chuckle.)
Third: Since when am I host? I don't recall inviting the little varmint to have dinner on me. I don't recall inviting the nasty little thing to even inhabit my territory! As a matter of fact invitations were not sent.
Did this little bugger travel around outside with his pals, take one look at me and decide, "yup! That's the one. See ya later, guys. I'm going out to dinner?"

I now have a double dose of strong antibiotics, several trips on the calendar to the lab where the vampire (phlebotomist) can drain my blood supply and more yarn money can be spent on a stupid blood sucking bug! (change that to money sucking bug)

p.s. I'm going to knit myself a cocoon and crawl in it until things get better. Oh wait. Skip the cocoon. That puts me in the same catagory as a bug. I don't care if it is a butterfly in waiting. I want nothing to do with bugs.