Friday, December 12, 2008

Frugal Fannie

My new nickname is "Frugal Fannie." LOL

The DD mentioned she wanted a vest to wear to school. Considering the economy and the lack of $$ in this house to purchase a vest we came up with this. This pink coat belongs to her but the sleeves are too short. She has a nice red & white coat that fits well so we decided she could do without this one as a coat.
First we cut out the sleeves.

Then we tore open the side seams and took in the sides so it was more fitted in the waist. The sleeves had a ribbed cuff tucked underneath the sleeve bottom. The DD cut the ribbing out and we attached it to the armholes.
Now her friends want one......LOL

This was the result.
Notice the gloves. I made those for her last year for Christmas. Matched perfect. Not quite the "yarn me some mittens" that Jessi

When I say I'm being frugal that's exactly what I mean. I looked at a bag of bows. Oh my gosh! Why are they so pricey? My thought on the whole bow thing is, you may as well open the trash can and throw $$ in it. The "money cow" here met an untimely death (lol)so I can't afford to throw $$ in the trash. I found this site and grabbed magazines (no, not the knitting mags) and started making bows. It is addicting. Fascinating to see how the pages turn out when made into a bow.

These are a few of my favorites. I found two of them being carried by Phoebe the cat. I have no idea why that cat likes paper. She is always tearing at ribbons and bows on packages. These will look pretty on my brown paper and yarn "ribbon."
This weekend will be spent making candy and finishing up gifts. I will show you the fabulous markers that I got from Anita on the next post. I couldn't help but use them already and I'm trying to finish the projects. So pics will be forthcoming. Have a good weekend!


Anita said...

You are just too clever!! That vest turned out awesome!! I want one too! LOL

And just look at all your bows, those are great too! I'm hoping to find a few minutes this weekend to make a few myself. :)

Hope you have a great weekend!

Laura Neal said...

Very nice vest! Have you thought about taking the left over sleeves and fashioning slippers out of them?
You could start a new fad, reworked coats. :)

Bubblesknits said...

That's such a great idea! I've already bookmarked that and as soon as my fever goes down, I'll be digging up some magazines. :-)

The vest looks great. You're one talented woman. :-)

Becca said...

Nice vest...where is my hat? For all of you knitters this must be a common problem...knit for the ones at home but the heck with the ones not at home. This is the oldest son. The one thats been here the longest. The one waiting on a basic two color hat in the old 1970s style football fan hat with a pom on top. No special merino wool. No special finger knit items. Just your...oh well what does it matter anyway...I guess this knitter's son just needs to go buy one made in china for his football game. Thanx alot...oh by the way nice sweater.

monnibo said...

I love the bows!

Channon said...

I envy your talents. Would my knitting friends like a magazine bow instead of the little - very little - somethings I need to finish up? (I'm so easily distracted...)

Diane said...

Frugal? No way. Please refer to yourself as "One who is trying to live a more green lifestyle to save the planet's resources and keep things out of landfills" from now on.

And tell your son that it's out of sight out of mind. lol. Of course don't tell him that if he and his wife have children their hand knit items will dimish greatly as you will only knit for little ones from that point on. The little ones are so appreciative and can't leave you blog postings.