Saturday, December 06, 2008

Ms. Swiffer's Sweater

The economy is a mess! As you all know. Meaning, it's a very frugal Christmas here. So I've been busy in spite of Mr. Lyme Disease and Mr. CRPS. And yes, I have dubbed it them a Mr. They're a pain so why wouldn't I? LOL
DD and I made Ms. Swiffer a sweater. We used left over fleece but you could use flannel, cotton anything at all. Works beautifully. Picks up dog hair like no one's business. We flipped it over after use and ran Ms. Matilda Sweeper's nozzle on it and it was ready to be used again. We are now making Ms. Swiffer a wardrobe of sweaters:)
These are Footsie Tootsie warmers. I found the pattern on Tipnut. Anita and I love this site. Go check it out. It's fun.
These are quick and very useful. Used flannel and fleece for the outer cover.

There's an inner bag made from flannel that is filled with rice. You could put some smelly herbs in there like lavender but I didn't have any and remember, I'm saving money this Christmas.
Besides I have already rescued one of these from Mr. Bettis's mouth and I wouldn't want him to think it's food.
So much for him heeding Chan & Sissy's advice about being good.

Open the bag and remove the inner bag. Pop it in the microwave beside a cup of water and turn on for 3-4 minutes. Put it back inside the cover and you have a Footsie Warmer.
I tried it and it stayed warm for over an hour. I used it on my back since Mr. CRPS decided to overtake my joints now. This little warmer gave me some relief and I love it.
p.s. I am still frantically knitting but sewing is so much faster when said frantic knitter is running out of time:)


Channon said...

I wish I could sew...

Sissy wants to know if Mr B got more than a dusting of snow? Gretchen wants to know if Mr B is warm and would he tolerate a very little snuggler on a cold night?

And of course Lyme is a Mr...

Anita said...

Those are just awesome!! Both the swiffer sweater & the tootsie warmers!! What great gifts you came up with & so quick!!

Good thing you rescued that one in time! :)

Bubblesknits said...

Both of those are great ideas! The tootsie warmers are sounding really nice right now. ;-)

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

I have a long haired cat.Love the swiffer how creative:)Hugs darcy