Wednesday, November 19, 2008

An Encounter of a Snowy Kind

Heading to the college and this is what we encountered.

This was our view looking out the windsheild. The DH drove a delivery truck until the broken back accident so he is somewhat conditioned to driving in inclement weather.
There are certain states (and I won't name them so I don't offend anyone) that must only own 1 snowplow and apparently it was parked in it's garage:). The little white dots that you see were the headlights from the oncoming traffic.

This is what I worked on. The No Purl Monkey socks for a Christmas gift to my MIL. She has been wanting socks for a while now and it's her turn. Thanks Jessi for the inspiration to knit this pattern.

A good group of kids that made it in the college honor band from Miss Flute's school. The concert was awesome and we had a good time. So did the kids.
Miss Flute's teacher attended and was so proud of her making it in the first flutes. Her teacher is a wonderful young woman who inspires and encourages her students and yet manages to get the very best out of them.

First thing out of Miss Flute's mouth when she saw us? "Did you bring my coat?"
Like I would fail on that one. Ha! Of course I brought it. Here she is trying to get warm in the car on the way home. The DH doesn't like it too warm in the car when he's driving. All well and good for him but what about the passengers? The temps were hovering between 19-23 F and he didn't want the heat on? Thank goodness for my brand-new-never-worn-before-wool sweater. I stayed warm :).


Diane said...

Hurrah for your daughter making first flute. Very impressive indeed.

I'm thinking those gloves are not a secret christmas gift for the stupid band director. What a jerk to say he'd give the kids a ride and then back out at the last minute.

No snow out here in CT. If I still lived in Ohio I'd have been treated to that lovely lake effect snow that I loved so much. Of course I was a child back then so lots of lake effect snow = no school.

Channon said...

Glad you made it there and back again safely, despite a little challenge from the snow. Congrats again to Miss Flute and her bandmates.

Sock looks great, but inquiring minds want to know if Mr Bettis was a good boy while you were gone?

Bubblesknits said...

That's some serious snow. We never see stuff like that down here. (We would also be one of those places with only one snow plow. lol)

I heart no purl monkeys. :-) And kick the stupid band director for me.

Anita said...

Just look at all that snow!!! I know it wasn't any fun driving in it but it's so beautiful!!

Laura Neal said...

That heater in that car would have been on or there would have been hell to pay down here.
Glad to hear that she made first flute. That kid sure is talented.
She'll do well in life, that is given.