Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's all in a Day!

Thank goodness it's snowing. I need a bit of cheer.
Yesterday was a Monday with a capital M. I have a very large yarn order to fill. The husband is in charge of yarn calculations. I should've known not to put him in charge of that task as he has no idea the difference between fingering and bulky weight yarn. He miscalculated and I'm off by 15 skeins of yarn. Not-good. The dyeing stove DIED!!!!! Literally! So 15 trips up and down the stairs toting all dyeing paraphernalia. Not-good. Mr. Bettis has tracked in mud requiring the floor scrubber to be parked in the kitchen permamently. That dog has huge feet!
The kid is at a college where she qualified in the honor band. She's been there for 3 days. Tonite is the concert. The band director was going to bring her and another student home after the concert. Mind you this college is over 2 hours away and the concert won't be over until 9:00 pm. I, stupidly, thought this was a plan until band director stated that he will not have room to bring anyone home. So, Ed must clock out early (without pay), travel 2 hours to pick me up and then leave for another 2 hour trip to get the kid.
It is all not in vain as she called and said she made it in the first flutes which is quite an honor and a testament to her flute teacher. The flute teacher is also the sister of the band director. So I will get to watch her perform and I plan to knit on the way. I also have my handy-dandy night light to knit at night in the car.

I finished a pair of gloves for a Christmas gift. sssshhhhhh........I can't say whose gift. It's a secret.
Off to get coffee ready to take along and pack the knitting bag.
p.s. The kid who is in college today forgot her winter coat. The college area is also getting snow. She'll learn to listen to her mother won't she? LOL


Channon said...


We had a dusting of snow this morning, and just had a pretty snow shower. Gretchen needs booties; she doesn't like her feet getting cold. Sissy was so happy to see the white stuff again that she tried to eat it all up.

Congrats to Miss 1st Flute! Sorry you and Ed - especially Ed - are dealing with the consequences of the UnDirector...

Anita said...

You guys & your snow... I want some snow!!! Pout

Congrats to the daughter! Maybe one day if we are lucky they will listen to us, I have my doubts!
You guys have a good time & be careful on the drive. :)

PS - If only you could teach Mr Bettis to wipe his feet on a rug when he comes in from outside. SNOL

Anita said...

OH! I forgot... the gloves are super cute! I haven't attempted fingers yet... maybe after Christmas. :)

Bubblesknits said...

Wow! Having played the flute for many years, I know for a fact how impressive making first flute section is! Tell her I said congrats! :-)

As for the other stuff, shall I send the chocolate and wine now? SNOL

KnittingMoose said...

Those gloves are so cute! I feel like I am always saying this, but gloves-knit-with-sock-yarn are on my short-list of Things I Want To Do Soon. heh. We'll see how much of that I get done!

We had flurries here yesterday, it was so nice to see. The first snow is always a little magical. :)