Thursday, November 06, 2008

The Tick Round 1

I spent last evening in the medical clinic again. Getting real sick and tired of the "white coats."
There is a nasty little bug that failed to head for hibernation this year. A Tick! If you see one, Run the other way. A tick (also referred to as an arachnid) found shelter in my upper arm. It went undiscovered for an undetermined amount of time. Now, I know you're asking, how can that be? How could she not see a tick on her arm? Keep in mind I failed my driver's license eye test a year ago. Remember? On my birthday? And I had to get new glasses to pass the test? That should explain it:).I can't see 1 foot in front of me without my glasses. I measured and from my eyes to the back of my arm where Mr. Tick made his home, is exactly 1 foot.
The doctor was very nice to point out that it is necessary to look in the mirror at one's unclothed body for ticks, if one has been exposed to the outdoors.
I have a few comments on that suggestion:
1) I had 4 kids (that should explain the body shape) B.C. (before children) I had a lovely shape. Thin, tiny waistline etc. It went downhill A.C. (after children) very quickly.
2) Looking in the mirror is not something I care do. This includes department store dressing rooms that have mirrors on all sides to show every angle of one's body.........I mean seriously, why is that? Like that's a sight I'd want to see!!!!!! Refer to Comment #1 if you have any doubts.
3)I would never under any circumstance, venture outdoors without being properly and decently clothed. Therefore my body parts are not exposed. I certainly wouldn't want the clothes police to give me warnings:) Again, refer to Comment #1
4) At my age, reason #1 and #2 are enough that the rather young "Dr. Kildare" should never toy with the thought that I even own a mirror much less look for ticks in front of one!
I'm sure his own mother would advise him that he was not utilizing his medical knowledge (and common sense)to the fullest when he made a suggestion such as that to someone in my/her age bracket.
The domesticated tick happily left a bite the size of a 50 cent piece and the bite was a lovely shade of purple and red. I've never seen a tick leave this kind of bite. So, off to the clinic we went. Two hours and $253 later ($$$ that could've been spent on yarn and I would've actually enjoyed it) they numbed the arm, lanced it and got the rest of it out. I recieved a shot in a part of my body that I will not mention (much less look at in a mirror) and 10 days of antibiotics. It is now 3 inches in diameter and quite a lovely shade of red just in time for the Homecoming game this weekend. What a Mess!
I'm off to knit.


Anita said...

ICK! Just thinking about it gives me the hebejebes!

I hate that the mean ol tick bit you, it must be uncomfortable & itchy. Not to mention all that wasted yarn money!! :(

When it rains it pours! I feel your pain!

Channon said...

It's this insane weather we're having. They start to hibernate, it gets warm, they come back out...

At least you didn't blame dear Mr Bettis for the tick. I'm proud of you! ;)

KnittingMoose said...

Yuck, ticks! What an experience...hope all goes well with the antibiotics. Good luck with all that!

Diane said...

I have shoes in my closet older than most of the doctors I've seen lately. I always love their advice and the phrase 'a woman of your age usually ....'.

I said something and the 12 yr old doctor said, "oh that's probably just an old wive's tale" to which I responded "perfect because I'm an old wife."

Wendy said...

Yikes!!! Gotta be careful with those things. I've known several people that I work with that within the last few years have developed lime disease.... scary stuff.

smilely said...

I feel for you, been there, done that, when we first moved to the mountain. I didn't know one had been on me, when I did notice it, there was a round red mark around it, and I went to the doctor, then the pharmacy for my antibotic.

Grace said...

you poor thing, feel better very soon!