Thursday, November 20, 2008

Pillow Fight

Do you see this? This was a lovely toss pillow. Keyword being was.
We went to the market and were gone 1 hour and my living room looked as if it had snowed inside. This is the second pillow in a week. Mr. Bettis must enjoy pillow fights.
Fun is his middle name. I just wish he would have fun with his own toys. Wait........he does...........they're outside.......somewhere.......buried or lost.

Do not be fooled by this innocent face.
Forgive the loveseat cover. I only take it off when we get company. I tried to teach this dog to stay off the furniture but the other residents of this house thought the 10 week old, 27 lb puppy was just "too cute." They won and now at almost 2 yrs (his birthday is next week) and 140 lbs he has claimed the loveseat as belonging to him. He paces the floor if anyone else sits in "his" loveseat.

A mug shot, that's for sure.

Chan told me Sissy likes a mature "man" but I'm afraid he has failed once again.

Now here's two innocent faces. Mr. Bettis trys his best to frame these two but I know better. I've seen Mr. Bettis in action. Not-good.

Little do these two know, they are going with Vet Girl to be groomed next week. They enjoy the trip but Miss Gypsy isn't very good at the groomer's. I think that's a frame job too. LOL


Channon said...

SNOL... Mr Bettis read that Sissy loved snow, and he wanted her to be happy... You might point out that snow IN his house doesn't get to Sissy AT ALL.

No, no, bad boy! I hope you can say that without grinning.

(Good luck to the girls at the groomer's.)

KnittingMoose said...

Oh no! Poor pillow. heh.

Moose (who's about the same age as Bettis) has been rather destructive as well...he likes to chew on anything and everything. I keep finding teeth marks in random places...lampshades, shoes, furniture... One might think he was a dog! I've never met such a chewy cat.

Diane said...

Pillow murderer!

Anita said...

ROFLMAO! Sorry to laugh at your troubles.... but he's so cute & funny!

Chan is probably right, you must have a hard time telling him NO with a straight face. :)

Bubblesknits said...

LOL Poor Mr. Bettis. Set up again.

Laura Neal said...

He is too cute to punish. I say this to you and if my dogs had done it, boom, I would have hit the ceiling.
My boys just do creative things that I don't find until later, much later and by then I can't punish them for it. They slink around for a while and when I don't find it, oh,no problem. When I find it, they ignore me. Just like a man, those boy dogs are the same.

monnibo said...

Aww byebye pillow. My cousin's dog has a lovely lion stuffed animal... you should go to a garage sale and buy tons of old stuffed animals for Mr Bettis to destroy!

P.S. very cute dogs! :)