Friday, December 22, 2006

Pattern obsession!

I was looking for a pattern that I know is lying around here. It's a pattern that I purchased ions ago at Stitches in Valley Forge. It's a knitting pattern of wee little dolls. The lady that designed it has since gone out of business. So here's the story. I made a few of these little darlings. They are tedious yet darling and very rewarding. I decided to make another one for next year. To back track a bit, let's just say that I have an organizational "problem". I do NOT think like most people but I am organized, disorganized. I need to mention that several of my family members are "those" organized people. Namely the DH and the youngest DD. They spend many hours trying to make me organized. (doesn't work but if they want to spend the time, so be it) Anyway a few months ago the DH and the DD decided in their own right to organize my knitting pattern leaflets and books. Quite a daunting task, but again, if they want to spend the time, so be it.
Last eve I decided to look for the little booklet. I promptly went to the notebook marked (in very nice handwriting by the DD) doll and bear patterns. I picked it up, feeling rather smug, and looked thru. No booklet. I chose another notebook marked misc, No booklet. I picked up yet another notebook (marked socks, didn't matter, I was getting just a little panicked) NO booklet. At this point, I am starting to hyperventilate. I calm down and begin to look thru all of the notebooks ( all 11 of them)No booklet. I glance at the 4 bookshelves of knitting books and shudder. But I begin to pull each of them down and look thru the books. NO booklet. I sigh. I go to the "knitting corner" better known as the knitting nest and begin to go thru the notebooks and books that are stashed within reach, NO booklet. Ok, now I am in need of a paper bag to help with the breathing. The DH who is making hard tack candy for the holidays asks a stupid question about the temperature of the candy. Who Cares? I have a crisis here!! The DD enters the scene and wants to know the problem. I tell her and she decides to help. We went back thru all of the books. NO booklet. I went downstairs to the yarn room. NO booklet. (that room is getting a good cleaning as soon as the holidays are over, it's a mess). 3 hours were spent on this endeavor. NO booklet. I was getting a wee bit cranky. I did (perhaps hastily), accuse those family members who have tried to organize me. After all I knew where to look if I had put it away, looking through the sock pattern notebook should be self explanatory. At midnite I finally went to bed and dreamed visions of the little knitted dolls. I dreamed of knitting an entire basket of the little dolls to hang on next year's tree. I awoke at 5 am and the little things were still dancing in my head. I went back thru all the books again. (Ok now you understand the title of this blog). NO booklet. I can see this booklet, 3 pictures are on the front and they are so cute. 20 some pages of instructions. I can see it!
I get online and I search. I found the woman's name and typed it in the white pages to find her. (yeah , I know, one might say that is borderline with stalking,but you just don't understand the NEED for this booklet). 10 minutes searching and I found her name and phone number. I decided to call her but thought 6:00 am was probably not a good time (some people sleep). I waited until 8 am. I think I woke her up however she was very polite. I explained my crisis and she offered to send me a copy of her pattern. Oh my gosh, I was so excited. I have the yarn dug out of the yarn stash, the needles are ready, now I will wait for the booklet.
I can only imagine 50 little knitted dolls sitting atop the branches of the Christmas tree.

p.s. 50? you say? I'll keep you posted on the progress.

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Laura Neal said...

The hubby knows better than to touch my knitting corner. I will turn on him if he even touches that yarn or those patterns. I may be disorganized but, I have a pretty good clue as to what vicinity my patterns are in. Oh, here is something so sweet, my hubby bought me a knitting magazine for Christmas and was going to sign me up for a subscription. I told him as I looked at the title of the magazine that I already have a subscription of it. I just thought it was super sweet that he would even think of getting me a subscription. It also tells me that he really loves me knitting.