Wednesday, January 07, 2009

When it rains, it pours!

I have a headache.

The DH stayed in his working city two hours away due to poor weather conditions. We had freezing rain and now just plain ole' rain. Wet, sloppy, muddy paws rain.
I got up this morning and with my morning coffee walked into the living room. I found water on the floor and couldn't understand where it came from. Looking up, I soon discovered the source of the water. The roof is leaking. Well of course it is. I mean really, it's the new year and so far this year is no improvement from last year.

I called the DH at work and after telling him the new problem I was greeted with a heavy sigh. This will require him to get on a ladder to the roof. Mind you, Mr. has half of one hand and a bad back. I cringe when he gets on a ladder let alone on the roof. But it must be done.
Given the poor economy (which my son so eloquently informed me) must crash before it can fix itself, the deteriorating government etc. Please don't leave nasty comments, I have a headace. I'm disgusted with crooked politicians i.e. Congress who is now going to vote themselves another pay raise, crooked state governors, bail outs to states, automakers, banks etc., I have had enough (foot stomping here). I am older and wiser and I know better than to have the illusion that politicans have/will change.
We tried to cut back on bills by downsizing cable tv only to find our vcr/dvd player decided to zonk. Thank goodness for a dear friend and family member who came through with players so we could watch something. Now the roof. What could possibly be next? I don't even want to know. You warned me

In the meantime I console myself with my knitting. I enjoyed this bootie pattern so much, I made another pair. They are cutest little booties and a gratifying knit.

Dishcloths are another quick knit and right now that's all I seem to want to do. Zone out and knit quick projects. I'll pick up the socks and sweaters later but right now this is good.
I plan (and you might want to remind me of this later in the year) to have a bag of these ready and waiting to give as gifts next Christmas.

p.s. I have a migraine so I'm going to go rest my poor aching head. No wonder I have a migraine with the way this year is beginning.


Channon said...

ARGH!!!!!!! I hate this for you. However, because I need to make you giggle at least for a second, I'll tell you that Gretchen, fully housebroken for over a month, saw the downpour this morning and peed DEAD CENTER on the front door mat. (The outside one.) I shrugged, and will apply pet odor remover one day when the mat isn't still saturated by rain. (On a covered porch! No roof leaking, just that much @#$% rain!)

But wait! There's more. I shoved both dogs out for their morning consitutionals after they ate. Sissy was wet, and I wiped her off. Gretchen's little and sprinted away... to poooooo in the corner where the Knight's laundry hamper lives. I caught her in time, forced her out, and THERE my friend, is the real reason I am having a crappy day!

(Yes, Molly and Lady Gypsy, I realize it is unseemly to expect a young lady to squat in the rain, in wet grass and/or leaves, but nevertheless, that IS what I expect!)

Becca said...

Oh no!! No wonder you have a migraine! I HATE to hear about the roof!!! I hope it isn't a really hard fix! If it makes you feel better, one of the pipes in the basement busted the other day while we were out and left us a nice 5 foot long pool in the basement. I am learning that it's alway something!

Grace said...

I am sorry things are so verklempt for you right now, I hope your headache feels better soon

Bubblesknits said...

Oh, hun. I wish I lived closer so I could at least give you a real hug instead of a virtual one.

Hope your head feels better soon and tell your hubby to please be careful.

Anita said...

GAH! See! I told you!! What the he!! next?! I guess the next one will be on me, I wouldn't be surprised at all with our luck. LOL

I'm sorry you woke up to a leaky roof. And I'm sorry the hubby has to go up on the roof, I know you are worried about that... maybe you should invest in a saftey harness? *snicker* (sorry, couldn't help myself LOL)

Go back to your knitting.... hope your headache is gone. :(

Laura Neal said...

Never tempt fate by asking what will regret it. I speak from experience, if it can go wrong, it will.
I find myself drinking codeine cough syrup since my lovely cold went straight for the lungs, I do not want pneumonia this year!
Hope things shape up for you, I find spinning eases some of the tension and really relaxes a girl.
Your knit booties are adorable.