Saturday, January 17, 2009

Baby, It's Cold.........

Baby it's cold outside. The temperature reading is -7 F this morning. Jack Frost is everywhere. I'm setting a cup of water outside to see how long it takes to freeze. I don't have pictures of the cold weather. How do you take pictures of the cold temps? It's too cold to even attempt taking pictures outside.
This is where I found Princess Aurora this morning. In the cold, ceramic bathroom sink. Sounds silly except the bathroom is the warmest room in the house right now. So I guess she has the right idea.
She refused to move so I could brush my teeth. I guess she was comfy.

I started this shawl. It's growing up to become a prayer shawl. It is a rather fast knit so that is good. The picture doesn't show the colors as it should. It is Melody wool and graduates into color of blue, green and purple.
This is Malabrigo in stone chat. I plan to cast on for Nutkin socks some time this weekend. Starting projects makes me happy but guess what? I'm running out of needles and totes. LOL
I'm going to get a cup of coffee and knit on my prayer shawl in solitude.


Channon said...

Silly kitty... We lost power for several hours this morning. The wood stove hasn't been used in years, and all the chopped wood was given away. Obviously, the power's back on, but not before I gave up on getting a shower in time to head to the retreat.

Pretty WIPs! If they make you happy, go for it. I have this great source for project bags. I think you know her... ;)

Bubblesknits said...

Our cats fight for vent space every time the heat kicks on. lol It's funny watching the stampede.

I'm thinking about Nutkin, too. Looks like an easy, fun pattern.

Anita said...

Aurora looks cute in the sink... she kind of blends in, good thing you saw her before you turned on the water! That could have been really funny though! :)

Running out of bags? You have a sewing machine, sounds like you need to make a few more! LOL

Grace said...

we had a day last week with no heat or hot water luckily it was before the total artic chill

Love the Shawl, looks familiar, think I just did that one :0)

Go Steelers!