Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mug Shot

5:30 am and this is what was outside. Snow. I went outside in the sheep pjs and warm robe (quite a sight but hey, it was dark) to take this pic. School was cancelled early. The DD was doing the happy dance around here.
The DH left for his 2 hour trek to work and called to inform me the roads were horrible. Snow covered and packed solid. He made it safe and sound. Now to get him back home could be a different story.

It stopped snowing for a short while but has resumed full force this afternoon.

Of course while I was fumbling with the camera to get the just the right shot of the snow guess who? wanted his mug shot (yes, Jessi, it's a mug shot).

The girls went with Vet Girl to be groomed. Vet Girl had wa-a-y too much fun dressing Miss Molly in the coat that I made. I don't think Molly is thrilled with the attire.

She looks a bit like an Ewok, don't ya think? This dog cracks me up.

I have a BIG container of novelty yarn. I have no idea what to do with the stuff now that I have exhausted knitting with it. So I decided the girls needed knitted collars. Miss Gypsy was more than willing to model the lovely collar but Miss Molly would have nothing to do with the photo shoot. I think she is still miffed over the coat photoshoot. LOL I tried to grab a cat to try on the collar but they ran in all directions.

It took 22 picture shots to get one without Mr. Bettis horning in.

p.s. Ms. Attorney, I have done a bit of investigating and Mr. Bettis is the ONLY one who could reach the pattern from the table.


Anita said...

That is surely a mug shot of Mr. Bettis! LOL
And little Molly looks adorable in her coat!! Of course Miss Gypsy looks cute in her new fuzzy collar. So where is Mr. Bettis' new fuzzy collar? he he

Laura Neal said...

Your babies are so pretty. Mr. Bettis is so handsome. :)

Channon said...

Sissy thinks he looks very sad and contrite. (Okay, so Gretchen suggested contrite; Sissy is too busy pacing and running to bother with her vocabulary studies...)

Gretchen thinks the coat looks quite warm. Sissy thinks Gypsy's collar would do, if she HAD to dress up...

The girls would be more concerned about Mr. B's fate, but they have GREAT faith in his legal eagle. She's gotten them off the hook with one-liners...

Bubblesknits said...

I dunno, I still think one of the cats knocked it off the table to either Miss Molly or Miss Gypsy. Mr. B is being framed. Look at that sad, sweet face.

And those of us Star Wars fans know how sneaky those little ewoks can be. ;-)

Firefly Nights said...

Molly is adorable in her outfit.