Monday, January 26, 2009

He Did It Again

Every time I get out the camera to capture pictures guess who is there. Mr. Bettis.
He gets excited and jumps at the camera. He tries to get in every single picture.
This is the daughter at Christmas and just when I was ready to snap the camera, here comes Mr. Bettis. She was trying to get him to back up but trying to push a 145 dog out of the way is not an easy task.

Everytime I yell, "don't allow Mr. Bettis on the furniture", this is what I find.
Mr. Bettis's owner listens to rules almost as much as Mr. Bettis obeys the rules.
Mr. B thinks he's the same size as 8 pound Gypsy. I'm not kidding when I make that statement. He will try anything Gypsy does and then he gets stuck in a situation he can't get out of.

And almost everytime I leave the house I come home to something destroyed.
I printed off this pattern, laid it on the table and left the house for 20 minutes.
Mr. Bettis can reach the table without effort. I forgot he could do that and this is the result.
He is on his own with me today. The girls went with Vet Girl to be groomed. Keep your dpns crossed that Miss Gypsy gets a good report card this time. I just know it's a set-up when she gets an "F". LOL

I resort to knitting when he destroys stuff (okay, I know it sounds like a knitting excuse but any excuse will do:). I made a Thermis. It is a pattern that is available as a download on a knitting site.
I was a bit sceptical about wearing a cowl. But I absolutely love this thing. It frames my face very nicely if I must say so myself and it keeps my neck warm.
The DD requested one so I have cast on for another one.

I hear Mr. Bettis wrestling with a cat. I'm off to see what he's doing now.

p.s. I'm just waiting to hear from Mr. Bettis's "attorney". lol


Channon said...

Sissy will be in heaven. Photos - Plural! - of Mr. B. (And don't all dog owners have patterns with corners missing and teeth marks?)

LOVE your cowl. Aren't they the best? I can't stand a turtleneck, but I love a cowl...

Patty said...

Oh Mr. Betts, I fear you won't be acing any tests today. Sounds like you're already in trouble. Cowls are definitely the solution to winter chills. I'm almost thinking they should be like panties--one for every day of the week 'cept Sunday? Remember those 1/2 doz. pairs that came in a pack? I always wondered about Sunday!!!

from chilly VT where we're wearing all the days every day just to keep warm!
the Vermonster

Bubblesknits said...

Mr. Bettis's attorney is confident that the pictures speak for themselves. Mr. Bettis is clearly a loving animal, who only wants to shower his people with attention and fur. We are also awaiting a bite analysis of the pattern in question, as there are several animals in the GypsyKnit's residence who would benefit from Mr. Bettis's incarceration.


BTW, I love the cowl!

Anita said...

LOL! The comments here are just as funny as your post! That Mr. Bettis is a camera hound! :) I know what you mean, our dalmation thought she was a lap dog too. SNOL

Love the cowl!! If I only had more time, maybe I'd knit myself one! GAH!

Laura Neal said...

Mr. Bettis is so cute and he loves Savannah, you can see it on his doggie face. I love those neck warmers, they are so wonderful and work as ear warmers as well in a convertible with the top down in the middle of winter. Yes, I have done it. :D
Your cowl turned out really nicely.

monnibo said...

Aw Mr. Bettis! Naughty, yet so sweet!