Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ice Man Rant

This is what prompted the DD to do another Happy Dance today. No School!
We received a good 4 inches of the white stuff before it turned to sleet and freezing rain. Not-A-Good-Thing. I love the snow but sleet? and freezing rain? No thank you.
The temps went up to the 30's today which meant it melted a little. The temps are to drop to 17 tonite. Winds have already picked up and the wind chill is to be -5. Oh Yippee! (sarcasm here if you didn't notice:). Which only means packed solid ice/snow. Slick as a whistle.

This is a picture of the front brick stoop. Two steps. There are 5 steps to the back door where you can actually, maybe, get in the house. The DH decided to stay down with a buddy last night. Smart decision. However, we (meaning me and DD) do not have any ice melt/salt for the steps. So I called the DH.
Here's how that scenerio played: (Bear with me, Chan, you've already heard the rant)

I told him to get salt/ice melt for the steps last week. He said (in his infinite wisdom and on a sub zero day) "Oh I don't think we'll get anymore stuff that needs salt." I thought to self, who is rather smart:), "you're not getting ice melt because it's January and it's sub zero out there?" But I managed to keep my mouth shut and so here we are, the steps and banisters are a solid sheet of ice and snow. I called him to tell him, "You need to get salt/ice melt".
"Oh I don't know where I'll get that, you know everyone is probably sold out now. "gggrrrr......

Well then, dear hubby, you'll have to crawl up the steps when you get home. Although I did offer to throw him a rope and let his big lug of a dog pull him up the steps.

However Chan has brought a few things to my attention.

1) The husband did not just move in and this has not been his first winter here so why he didn't stock up on ice melt/salt or anything that would get rid if it, is beyond me.

2) Mr. Bettis (very obviously) has ADD and the chances of the DH keeping his big lug engaged long enough to reach the security of dry land are slim to none...

update: I just heard from the hubby. You're gonna love it. He has stopped at four stores and guess what? There's nothing left to melt the ice! Now who would've thunk that one? MEN!


Channon said...

Sissy says that in Mr B's case, ADD = Adorable, Dapper Dog. (She has ADD too, so I'm impressed that she was able to string those words together without "oh! a squirrel!")

Tell the hubster to call any water filtration place, or a pool place, and ask if they have any solar salt...

Anita said...

You being sarcastic? I never would have guessed that one! SNOL

Men are such boneheads sometimes... why is that? :)

Wendy said...

When will they ever learn that women are more prepared in events than men and that if we ask them to get something in preparation, they should just do it. No questions asked. They'll thank us later. Or at least take the credit for thinking ahead boosting their own ego but at least we're safe and happy.

Diane said...

My driveway is a ice skating rink currently due to it's huge size and a lack of ice melt. 2 out of 3 cars had trouble getting out of the driveway because of the ice. Of course hubby didn't have a problem with any of it ... he was driving the only car parked in a garage.