Friday, January 30, 2009

Ya Gotta Love 'em

Do you see this? It is the top of our driveway. Slick and icy.
The DD got up late to go to school. She had 15 minutes to get ready and head out. The DH assured me that she would have NO problem getting out. After all, Mr. "I-have-driven-for-35-years" had NO problem getting out when he left for his 2 hour trek to work.
However, DD has only had her license for 5 months. And this is her first time driving in icy/snow conditions.
Our driveway is a gradual slope. Not good in the winter. One must tromp the gas pedal to the top.
She went to the car and unfortunately drove slow. I was in my sheep pjs yelling from the deck for her "tromp" it. She never heard me. She slid and got stuck. I called the DH who then said, "I didn't have a problem. Tell her to back down in the grass and start over." Obviously he hasn't noticed there IS NO GRASS! It is covered in snow and ice. She backed down and this time she almost hit the apple tree.

I called the DH again. He couldn't understand how that happened. MEN!
I looked outside and there was the DD with her head in her arms against the car, sobbing. When I asked what was wrong she was blubbering in a total meltdown (and no it didn't melt any snow/ice).
"I-I wa-anted to-o throw snow un-nder the t-t-ire for t-t-r-raction. I shut the door and it l-o-ocked me-e OU-U-T!" Loud wailing at this point.
The car was running and she was locked out. Miss "I-never-get-fuel-till-it's-on-empty", only had a 1/4 tank of gas. I anticipated the car running stuck in the driveway until it ran out of fuel.

But gets better..........we have a second set of keys. So I called the DH. "where is the second set of keys." Answer? "in my pocket." The DH was at work 2 hours away. So he took another vacation day and came home. He is out of cell service for most of the 2 hour trip so when my dad broke into the car and towed her out, I had no way of reaching the DH.

On top of it all, the DD has a horrible cold and insisted on going to school because, "I don't want to miss my AP literature class." She was late but she finally made to school.

We are getting several keys made for this car and they will be in MY possession instead of the DH's pocket 2 hours away.


I grabbed the camera for a rare shot of Mr. Bettis and Gypsy napping together with a cat within slobbering reach.
There's plastic on the bed to keep animal hair off the bedding (not that it really works around here). Aren't they being good?


Channon said...

Poor DD. That breaks my heart. PLEASE tell me lit isn't her first class and she did get there for it?

I'd feel sorry for your hubby too, but... he's a man. You got a tidy room out of the deal, and we got a cute shot of three of your critters having a slumber party.

(And I'm riding on "Excitement" unless the Knight got me some gas when he took my car home to let his fur-girls out.)

Bubblesknits said...

Bless her heart! Those sort of days just plain suck. I hope her day got better after that.

Our forecasters have thrown down the gauntlet and mentioned the "S" word for Monday night. Needless to say, none of us believe a word of it.

Btw, let Mr. Bettis know that the counsel is pleased with the public pictures of his good behavior. ;-)

Anita said...

Oh no! I just hate those kinds of mornings!! Poor DD, tell her that it happens to the best of us. Heck, one time I locked my keys in the running car at a dang gas station! UGH!

Men are just bozos, at least you got a clean room out of the deal. :)

And I think Mr. Bettis us buttering you up for some kind of future mischief, just like a man there! LOL

Anita said...

PS - I gave you an award over on my blog... :)