Sunday, February 01, 2009


GO Steelers GO!!!!!!!!! Mr. Bettis ready and waiting. I had a piece of Steelers fleece and I tied it as a scarf around his neck. Although he is not cooperative for clothing (he and Sissy have a lot of the same traits) he's looking mighty dashing at the moment.
It took 20 minutes of following him and putting up with his jumping etc to get this one photo.

Homemade chili and cornmuffins are on the menu for the game. We're going to my parents to enjoy the party. The DH is thrilled. They have a big screen tv and apparently watching a game on a big screen is the best.
I don't get into football quite as much as he and the DD but I join in the fun anyway:)


Enjoy the game if you're watching it. If not, enjoy the day anyway.