Sunday, February 01, 2009

We Are The Champions!

The Steelers are Champs once again! The DH and the DD are ecstatic about the game. If they're happy then I'm happy so this was a good thing. Finally. The first good thing this year. Go Steelers!
Grumbles about the half-time performance. It was less than stellar. We did enjoy the band.
The DD has a gift and talent of music and more than once I saw her wince through the "performance." She was also grumbling about being bored approximately 2 minutes into the performance and was counting the seconds for the next 10 minutes of it. I must admit, I did the same.
Mr. Springsteen was good back in the day but there comes a time when a singer needs to recognize when it's time to retire.
But thankfully it only lasted for 12 lo-o-ong minutes then it was back to the game. YAY!!!!!!!


Channon said...

The Knight says it was the open-air performance. Of course, he also said the woman in the band wasy Wynona...

Bubblesknits said...

We missed the halftime performance, but my Dad had the same opinion. We were busy making smore's. YUM!

Anita said...

I couldn't figure out why they had him for the half-time show anyway.... looked as if they spent enough money, couldn't they get someone current??? LOL

Decent game though, for football, don't watch too much of it myself. I'm more of a NASCAR woman.

Nichole said...