Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It's a Goody Kind of Day

It's a goody kind of day. Look what arrived from Anita.
She doesn't like to use dpns so she sent them my way. Four whole sets ranging in size from a 2-5. Little furry balls were included for the cats that reside here and if you notice Anita, the blue one has already been snatched by Miss Aurora. She is meowing in the room guarding her prize.

It's difficult to see but if you look on the left she included chocolate kiss stitch markers. They're adorable and if you don't have any of her wonderful talent on your WIP go here and check out her markers. They are a must have item.
Anita is so sweet that she and Jazzy included treats for Mr. Bettis & Co. The little treats are for Miss Molly and Miss Gypsy. The bigger ones are for Mr. Bettis (which will be swallowed whole). Thank you Anita and Mr. Bettis sends big sloppy kisses to you and Jazzy. (He just loves cats, you know. LOL)

A yarn shop was having a 20% off sale. The DH had a little money stashed and he gave it to me for Valentine's Day.
After 24 yrs it has finally hit him that gifts such as a salad shooter/swiffer/broom just don't make the little woman happy on Valentine's Day (now to work on him for the rest of the holidays:).
I snatched this lovely yarn @ 50% off out of the trunk sale. It is Aruacania worsted for the DD a sweater.

I bought this magazine and the DD chose this pink Aruacania sock yarn at 20% off for the Marlena socks in the magazine. It's a Cookie A pattern and I'm anxious to cast on.
Thank goodness Anita sent those dpns in the nick of time:). 'Cos everyone knows I don't have needles..........LOL

Next I found this yarn and it is so soft. It will grow up to be a baby surprise jacket. I have a feeling I'll get two of them out of this yarn.
I stepped out of my baby color range box for this combo.

The DD went along on Saturday and sang (in a rather obnoxious manner) in the car. She chattered and sang throughout the 4 hour car trip and the DH laughingly stated she was easier to take when she was younger. She slept back then.
That statement only prompted more singing and more chatter......LOL
It was fun and we had a good day.
When we arrived home the DD whipped up heart sugar cookies to put in the cookie jar. I'm still lovin' this cookie jar.
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.


Laura Neal said...

Don't you just love pretties? I love pretties! Nice yarns.

Anita said...

Yay! I'm glad your package made it!! :)
I hope the pups like the treats, I baked them myself. I tried one but I thought it was a little bland. LOL
And Barbara calls those fuzzy balls, kitty crack toys. he he (I sent Miss Oribel some a while back)
Enjoy the needles! I hope you get some use out of them. I swear I have a set of 1's around here too, but for the life of me & can't find them! :)
Your outing sounded like a lot of fun!! And the hubby did good with the yarn!!! (finally!LOL)

Grace said...

I have to knit a baby blanket and am thinking Comfort DK, love the colors of yours, what great prezzies have been showing up on your doorstep!!! I am so glad good things are happening for you

Channon said...

SNOL... Love it all! I think I need that magazine though... DD has great taste.

And kudos to the hubster. Maybe there's hope for the Knight yet?

Bubblesknits said...

Lots of good stuff! Anita is a sweetie.

I like all the yarns you picked out. I need to look through the sock patterns in that magazine again. I'm having a hard time deciding on my next one.