Sunday, February 22, 2009

Weekend Fun

Anita sent fuzzy toys to the kitties. Here's Aurora in the computer room batting one of them. Guess where it went? You've got it! Right under the cabinet. She worried herself to death to get it back. I crawled on the floor and finally retrieved the darn thing. During the night she dug every single one of the fuzzy toys from the box and lost them somewhere in this house.
Anita, you and Barbara are correct, these little things really are "crack" toys to a cat.

When I got up this morning I caught her in the act of batting a ball of yarn. Noro yarn, mind you.
I'm going to look for those "crack" toys today.

I finished the Crazy for Ziggy socks. They were supposed to be a gift for the DD. She saw they were finished and promptly grabbed them.
She wore them the next day to school with her clear shoes.

Last night was the very last Sweetheart Dance. She was having fun for the camera before she left.
She didn't have a date but her friends included her anyway. One of the dates "adopted" her and included her in the dance picture with his date.
They had dinner at a Japanese restaurant. The kids were calling parents during the meal. Apparently they didn't check into menu prices when making reservations and were caught a little short on cash. Several parents had to meet up with them to give a few more $'s.
Living in a depression/recession is a disadvantage.
Living in the Appalachian's has it's advantages. We live close to 2 other states which means one can trade/borrow prom dresses that have not been seen at one's own prom.
DD borrowed this dress from a friend in a neighboring state and in turn gave her a dress to borrow.
It was a strapless dress but I put rhinestone straps on it so there would not be a wardrobe malfunction at the dance:).

Posing and having fun for the camera.

I don't know where the time has gone but it's flying fast and furious these days.


Grace said...

Lovely daughter, glad it was a good evening for her

Anita said...

Aurora must have mistaken that ball of yarn for a crack toy! SNOL

Love the socks, how fun!! And tell the DD she looks beautiful in her dress, glad she had fun!

Laura Neal said...

Ah, you have a diva! That is great that you can swap dresses, it saves a whole lot of money. We are trying to get my niece a wedding dress and she might be taking parts of my dress, my sister's dress, her aunt's dress, her mom's dress, and her cousin's dress. I can't believe the prices of wedding dresses now...outrageous!

Bubblesknits said...

She looks beautiful! I love the dress. :-) I never could understand paying so much for one dress, so it's great she has someone to swap with.

Mr. Bettis would like to point out that he now has proof that he's not the only one in the yarn. ;-)

Diane said...

That's a lovely dress and a perfect price for it. I've never understood the $400-$800 dresses for prom around here. What a total waste of money.

Channon said...

Beautiful gal, dress, and let's hear it for rural life!!

Teehee... I see Mr. Bettis's lawyer was fast to point out the evidence that might be used in his defense one day!