Saturday, February 07, 2009


Knitters are the kindest and most generous people that I know. Beauty from within extends to their knitting. I appreciate each and every one of you and I hope to meet up with all of you at some point and time.
I received a box last week and I knew I had not ordered anything. Imagine my surprise when I opened the box. The most beautiful shawl knitted just for me and a lovely note from Grace. It brought tears to my eyes and I quickly put the shawl around my shoulders knowing it was a supportive hug from Grace.
I wear this every evening and I can feel the warmth of a knitter's hugs. Thank you so much, Grace.

Chan is the inspiration for these socks. I saw them in her project list on a knitting site. I had this lonely skein of Noro Sock yarn and I promptly dug around for needles. As you can see I had to resort to a circular needle. My dpns are in UFOs somewhere around here. I think I need to finish those socks in progress:).
I cast on yesterday and I cannot put it down. I am addicted to the surprise color play in this yarn and pattern.
They are softer than I imagined. When these are finished I intend to break the piggy yarn bank and purchase another skein. I MUST have another pair. The DD claimed these already.

My DIL and Son are the proud god parents of a new little boy, Otto Benson. So this baby surprise sweater was quickly knitted for little Otto Benson. Congratulations to all!

Otto Benson's father grew up next door and he was my son's childhood friend. Those boys managed to keep their mothers hopping with their antics and pranks:).
Like the time Son and Son's childhood friend wrote their names on my house foundation in GREAT BIG letters with pieces of coal. Needless to say they were given a bucket of soapy water and brushes to remove their names. BOYS! lol
They were 5 and 6 yrs old. Those boys were a handful but left childhood with fun filled memories and a lifetime friendship.

p.s. I have some serious catch up blog reading to do.


Grace said...

Thats what it was meant to be a hug from me to you! I am so glad you like it, your knitting is just lovely!

Channon said...

Aren't Grace's shawls the best hugs?! I'm sorry Ziggy tempted you so badly you had to resort to circs! ;) (You know better. I am a happy enabler.)

The fur-girls want to go play outside in the sunshine. I might go knit on the porch!

Bubblesknits said...

What a wonderful surprise! :-) Grace is a wonderful lady.

I love the baby surprise jacket colors and the socks. I might have to give that pattern a try next.

Anita said...

what a beautiful shawl!! Very sweet of Grace, isn't she great?! :)

Love the socks too!!!!

monnibo said...

I love the colours in the Noro socks!! That's awesome :)

Becca said...

Very nice sweater for Otto!!!! Is that what we have to look forward to?!?!??