Friday, August 29, 2008

Yarn Take-Over

We have a computer room and there really is a computer in here somewhere. Yarn has taken over this room. It is in baskets. It's on shelves. It's in the closet and there are several skeins sitting in front of the monitor. I have no idea how this started or why. I have a large yarn stash room downstairs. But here it is and it's taking over. I surrounded myself with bags of WIP and containers of yarn to sort through.
I found this scarf from last year. I only need to knit a few more rows and it's finished. Why did I put it away unfinished? I'm beginning to think I have A.D.D.

Next I found these socks. Okay, I admit to having quite a few pairs of socks in progress. I don't finish them, I just buy more knitpicks needle sets. Seems logical to me.

Now to find the pattern and finish them.

I have a sock blanket on the go. Then I found Catherine's sock yarn blanket on Ravelry (darn that ravelry) with black between each square. I was in love with it. So.......yes you know where I'm going with this......I started another blanket. Mind you, I had to send the husband downstairs to the yarn stash room for black fingering weight yarn. Try explaining that to someone who has no idea the difference between fingering and worsted with the exception of price. Like Jessica's DH, he just doesn't get the $20 for a skein of sock yarn. He likes the socks, though.
I found this cake of handspun yarn. I have no idea how many years ago I spun this but here it is in all it's glory. I also don't know how much yardage is on there but I'll find a use for it.

This was found rolling on the floor just in time for Mr. Bettis to investigate. I snatched it. I guess it looked like a ball and a fun time for him. Uh? No! And I don't want dog slobber on the yarn.

I haven't been downstairs to the yarn stash room yet and I hear the yarn calling me (in it's sweet yarnie voice)........" need to start something new......" I have no choice but to give in to "the voice." It's haunting:)
I am going to send the "loyal subjects" downstairs to get yarn. They said they are taking their cell phones so they can call when they can't find something. I actually believe they are taking them because they are afraid of getting lost in an avalanche of yarn.......hee-hee


Bubblesknits said...

lol Don't forget to have them wind it for you before they come back up. ;-) And poor Mr. Bettis. He says he has sweet slobber. heehee

Anita said...

Why do any of our UFO's end up that way??? I'll go with you & say we have ADD! lol

Good save on the yarn... although it would have made a good photo of Mr. Bettis all tangled up in it! he he

Did they make it back with yarn? Or did they get lost down there??? :)

lahodges said...

I'd be perfectly happy to take that cake of handspun off your hands. Man, I love that color. Just sayin'... It could come to live with Fraggle and Doozer...

Channon said...

I love it! The socks are awesome. Mr Bettis needs to learn LEAVE IT. That's one of the few commands Sissy actuallys knows and does!

Laura Neal said...

As a woman who has a cat that steals yarn and sings to it at 2 am every morning, no matter where I put the yarn, she finds it. I can seal it in a rubbermaid tote and she manages to get the lid open to get at the yarn.
Pet Mr. Bettis for me, he is such a cutie.