Thursday, August 07, 2008

On Your Mark, Get Set......Wait!

These are my prayer squares for the Luke Blankie. If you think you can get a square done quickly go to Michelle's blog and read the specs and deadline for the squares. Knitters are some of the nicest people that I have had the privilege of knowing. I know we can pull this one off. So come join in the Prayers and Squares for little Luke.
I plan to knit them until Saturday then I will ship them to Michelle so she has them by the deadline.

I was searching for something else and found these mitts in progress. After my squares, I will get back to these and finish them for a gift.

Oh wait.........I signed up (gleefully I might add) for Ravelympics. What was I thinking? Call it startitis, the heat has tainted my wee brain or whatever but now I have myself in a knitting dilemma.

I admit that I am an over achiever who never actually achieves her goal. I signed up for the glove decathlon.
I decided on this pattern book and I spent hours in the stash searching for the yarn that was just right. That was a week ago. I promptly cast on for the gauge and put everything in its' place so I would be ready.

I am now looking at the pattern and everything else that I must get done in the next 17 days and I am asking myself, why did I choose this pattern? I could've chosen a nice simple pattern that I could actually get finished in a reasonable amount of time. But, oh no, not me. I chose this book. What was I thinking? has anyone else signed up for Ravelympics?

p.s. UH OH! I don't have the needles for the project. They're in use. All 6 sets. I'm in trouble already and I'm not even at the starting gate.


Anita said...

LOL! Stitch holders! Or some extra pieces of yarn.... get those needles out so you can cast on more projects!

I think you should count up those WIP's and give us a guessing game to see who can guess just how many you have! SNOL!!! I know, I know, I'm no better! :)

Bubblesknits said...

I signed up for the WIP Wrangling event. :-) I've got to finish that CPH!

Channon said...

Love your squares! They'll brighten up my rather dull blue ones. Happy Ravelympics, and good luck with those needles you need.

Michelle said...

OMGosh those squares are so cute!