Wednesday, August 13, 2008

New Driver.....Oh My!

Here are the keys. The Mom Rule Driver Contract has been signed.

The Piccolo Pirate received her license. This is the fourth kid of ours' to get her license and "here we go again."

She headed out for her first driving experience to band practice. The car wouldn't start. No juice, nothing. Zippo! We had a dead battery.

She dialed 911-grandfather (my dad who lives nearby) with the frantic call of HELP! He came to her rescue as he has done for his own kids and several grandkids.
She also called the director to tell him that her car wouldn't start. Now let's clarify something right now. It is not her car. It is mine!
My dad showed her how to jump start a car as he has done with everyone. Trust me, he has been on more car calls than anyone with these grandkids.....LOL

The car finally started and she was sent on her very first driving alone experience. She left a worried mom at home to pace the floor and wait for the "I'm here, mom" call.
She called in a respectable amount of time (yes, I timed her)to inform me that she arrived safe and sound.

This is the first of my knitting projects. It's coming along.
I don't have much time to knit on these but I'm liking the pattern. I'm busy dyeing yarn between rows.
It feels like fall here. The days and nights are cool and the shadows are getting longer. So I'm into winter knitting projects.

It's a mitt kinda thing in this household and I'm making plenty of mitts for gifts this year. What happened to the sweater gifts, you ask? Well time is crunching for sweaters. I can whip a pair of mitts in no time flat.
I dyed this yarn a nice green. They'll make a nice pair for someone.


Channon said...

Ha! Well, one Rite of Passage down, and how many more to go?! She had "control" of the car, so meh, sorry Mom, it was "hers" at the moment.

Sara said...

You're free! You're free!!

Maybe you'll get some knitting done now :)

Anita said...

LOL! "Her" car.... I remember those days! :) Good luck!

smilely said...

My turn is coming but I have few months yet.

Bubblesknits said...

I'm still in denial about mine being old enough to drive. ;-) *sigh*

That colorwork is AMAZING, btw!

Laura Neal said...

Tell Savannah congratulations! Now you can sit and not have to "run" everywhere. Sip some iced tea for me while you are knitting.
Today is yarn dyeing day for me as well. Ah fun, I am dyeing for the festival in October so, my booth will be loaded to the max with yarn. :)

monica said...

My new driver kind of hit the house when driving the van (which she hates) and we have had a hard time getting her back in the drivers seat since then. She has laid clain to the car and has even named "him" Fred.

Your mittens al lovely

Diane said...

You would think that the 4th child driving would be less stressful but it never works out that way huh?

Congrats. Mom's taxi service has left the building.