Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Furry Rabbit

Okay I'll explain the subject. The rabbit passed on to bunny land. NO, NOT THAT RABBIT!

We were the proud owners of a pedigree rabbit. Or should I say our DD was a proud owner of a pedigree rabbit named Feffer.

She was kept in the laundry/furnace area through the winter so the poor little thing didn't freeze to death in the cold. Wild rabbits hibernate in winter around here. Anyway I went downstairs yesterday to tend to the laundry. The DH was cleaning out the furnace storage area. Feffer would jump every time someone entered. I entered. No jump. I thought well, she's sleeping. I noticed the water bottle was full. So I thought maybe, just maybe this time someone else had watered the rabbit besides me. What was I thinking? Why is it we get pets and I am the only one who tends to them? I continued with the laundry and I noticed Feffer still wasn't moving. I tapped on the cage. No movement. I tapped again. Still no movement. I yelled for the DH.
I said, I think Feffer has passed on to "bunny land". He tapped the cage. I told him, I already tapped on the cage. He tapped again. What? he didn't believe me? He checked her and said yes she has passed on.
He then says, Do you want to keep her so the DD can view her?
Do you want the DD to view the body? (he is serious about this)
NO! I do NOT want you to keep the body for a viewing. For crying out loud, while we cared for this animal, it's a rabbit!
Gimme a break here.

I did tell him, do not tell her as she had dance recital pictures and I wasn't paying for pictures with red eyes. He managed to hold his tongue.

Many knitting moons ago we had angoras that you brushed and combed and plucked and fed and watered at the tune of $300.00 +over the course of 5 yrs all for a zip loc bag of fur to spin. I could've bought angora in nice little balls already spun for that price and I wouldn't have had to tend to the rabbits.

On another note I started another shawl. I am so addicted to these things. I now have 4 shawls on the move. I am looking for shawl yarn at the sheep & wool show in 3 weeks. I visited the nice sister on Friday and we went to a little yarn shop that is owned by an Amish lady. She had a cone of yarn from the UK that was the softest wool and it was 2000 yds for $12.00. I ran to the the counter with that stuff. I love it. So I have cast on.

Pics will be posted later........of the shawl........not the rabbit!

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Laura Neal said...

That poor bunny.
I can't get near angora at all, I itch, sneeze and turn into a giant hive!
Did you cast on to make those lovely socks? :)
I am working on a UFO right now. I hope it will be done within the next two days, it is made out of that cheap super wash wool for the boys, hard wearing and hard on the hands!